Touring Around Iceland Without a Car

Today – Touring Around Iceland Without a Car

Touring Around Iceland Without a Car

Travelling around the world is a hobby that many people enjoy. One of the essentials of such trips is renting a car. Another is of course seeing the northern Lights . I thin you will love this first timers guide to the Northern Lights.

For instance, if you are planning a long weekend in Iceland, hiring a car maybe convenient. However, it’s not always the only way to travel around Iceland. Here are other methods you could try.


Touring Around Iceland Without a Car – top tips

1. Bus

If you are looking to get from the airport to the city or your destination, there is always the option of using a bus.

At the Keflavik International Airport, the main arrival station for most tourists in Iceland, there are airport transfer buses that run between the destinations every other hour. Most of these buses will take you from the airport to the capital, which is about 50km away. Also, you can use these buses to make trips to some of the best tourist attraction sites in the city. The buses allow tourists to spend as long as they desire at some of the famous sites in the country. Take note that the buses are comfortable, cost-efficient, and regular. However, you may be forced to wait in long queues to access them. You can also opt for a private driver that will take you to any destination of your choice without having to suffer long waiting and booking periods.

2. Boats

Several areas in Iceland can only be accessed by boat. Such areas include the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Taking a boat around these parts of the country is an adventure on its own. This is because the boat ride will allow you to see some of the several islands in Iceland that you would otherwise have missed if you took a car. If you are not staying next to a harbor or a water feature, you can always take a bus to where the boats are located. Iceland without a car can be spectacular!

3. Planes

Planes are a common means of transport for both locals and tourists in Iceland. Like buses, the country does not run short of networks of local flights that can take you around different parts of the country. Airlines like Air Iceland Connect help to link some of the largest cities in Iceland and beyond. Traveling around Iceland on a plane is the best way to experience the best that the country has to offer. This is because it allows us to see all the incredible natural and manmade features in the country from the sky. Choosing this type of travel is more costly than later.


Touring Around Iceland Without a Car


4. Bikes

Biking is a common activity in Iceland. Year in and year out, tourists choose to bike around the country to explore and discover what the country has to offer. The use of bikes as a means of transport in Iceland is growing in popularity as each year passes because it is the most cost-efficient method.



The means of transport that you use in Iceland is greatly influenced by the location that you are planning to visit. However, it is very much possible to go an entire trip to the country without hiring a car.


Touring Around Iceland Without a Car is a guest post form Cora Harrison


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