Toy Review: Mobile Vet Unit

Last week a mobile vet unit arrived for review from Utterly Horses.

Utterly Horses are the UK’s largest Breyer Model Horse stockists and offer a huge widest collection of everything relating to the model horse. If you have a child who loves horses this is the site to go to.

This was the cause of much excitement as my daughter loves animals and playing animal rescue is  as one of her top games to play.

At first glance it just looked like a very cool  horse lorry. But on opening it was so much more than that.


My happy little  7 year old was thrilled to find tables that popped up. ladders that attached to the sides, little drawer that opened and even seat belt in the vehicle. There er folding chairs, emergency lights and sounds, feed bowls, a first aid kit, sticker to attach and even an awning. We just kept on discovering new things that opened or could be used.



We even found a little fence inside a drawer that could be built for the animals

and later we uncovered an xray machine!



As you can see it’s a toy that has made her really happy and there are just so many play possibilities  with it. She has pretty much played with nothing else since it arrived! It’s perfect for imaginative, animal loving kids


Over at Utterly Horses there are lots of additional stable accessories such as blankets and buckets that can be bought to add to the clinic  and I like that it can be built up over time.

There are lots exciting horsey items over at Utterly Horses and I have to say in this ‘appy age I am delighted to see my daughter so entranced by imaginative play.

The clinic and all the items shown in the picture above cost £79.99 . We love it, it  is robust and rather fabulous!

There are lo


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