How to Travel First Class on a Budget

Once, when I was about 18 I was a bit late to catch a plane  to New York and so I got upgraded. Oh it was wonderful. Upstairs on the plane (yep upstairs – how grand!) I drank champagne, chose a movie, reclined full length and got a little vanity case full of freebies. Travelling back economy I felt very squished and squashed.

Theoretically and morally I think class systems are horrendous. Paying a bit more for a nicer seat is okay I think just like you may pay a bit more and get a nicer dress I just wish first class was called something different.

I always believed travelling first class was something I could not afford to do. That it was for posh people. I am now enlightened. We can all do it!  Let me explain.

On East Midlands train journeys from Nottingham to London  you can now enjoy free wifi access in First Class (from just £4 in Standard Class), fresh milk served with free hot drinks (at least £1 a time otherwise) and free breakfast snacks (on selected Monday to Friday services). You also get free bottles of water – so grab a couple to see you through ! If you book in advance and travel at certain time going first class may only cost £5 more. You are saving that with the wifi and free tea and biscuits  and bottles of water!

You also get access to the first class lounges on the station where you can get free mineral water of fresh juice and a comfortable, clean  wifi enabled sanctuary on the platform hey and even free newspapers. This keeps me out of the WHSmiths which definitely means savings on magazines and chocolate too!

Do take a look at first class fares whilst booking your advance journeys – once in a while it is a perfect treat and may even save you money!


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