Treat Your Skin to a Night In

We all know how tiring the working week can be. Sometimes, the weekend doesn’t make things any better as you rush around bringing the house up to scratch, doing the shopping and catching up with friends at the pub. However tired you feel, that’s how tired your skin will be too. From time to time, you just have to give your skin a rest.

Take pity on your pores

Modern life is busier than it has ever been. Too often, we spend our time sitting in front of a computer screen instead of getting any fresh air. With the unkind drying effects of central heating or air-conditioning, it’s hard to find a happy medium. Travelling isn’t kind to our skin, either, as we’re either braving the heat of the summer, the harsh winds and cold of the winter or sitting in a car with recycled air being blown around us. Is it any wonder that we end up with spots and blemishes?

Eat well for a healthy glow

It isn’t just the air that can cause problems. ‘You are what you eat’ they say, and so often we end up eating the wrong things when we’re busy. A snack grabbed on the way to a meeting, a greasy takeaway after a night out or a plate of oven chips, when the kids have left you too tired to make yourself anything healthier, can all leave your skin lacking lustre. Drinking too many fizzy drinks or coffee isn’t a good way to promote the growth of healthy new skin cells, either, and can lead to spots and discolouration.

Treat the whole you

When your body is tired, a sleep can be enough to restore your energy and, not surprisingly, tired skin can also be redeemed by giving it a rest. Every now and then, you should make time for a night in with some skin-friendly food, drink and treatments and, most of all, some peace and quiet. Any food that’s high in antioxidants is good for your skin, so plenty of fruit and vegetables or pulses will help if you eat them on a regular basis. A potato, baked in its skin and served with a crunchy, bean salad, accompanied by some iced water with a slice of fruit would be perfect.

fruit skewers

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into your own private oasis; light some scented candles and unplug the phone so you can enjoy an uninterrupted hour of pampering. Run yourself a bath that isn’t too hot, as that can be bad for your skin, but make sure it’s warm enough so you can have a good soak. If you apply a face mask before you get in the bath, it will be working as you lie there and enjoy the warmth, so by the time you’re ready to get out, your pores will have had a really good clean. Don’t undo the mask’s good work by slathering heavy creams on your clean face, but use a light moisturiser to avoid getting a tight feeling.

While one restful night will make you feel better, it needs to be a regular occurrence to have a long-lasting effect. So, as often as you can get the chance, find a space in your diary and arrange a very special date night: one that will lead to beautiful skin.



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