Try These Affordable Tips to Maintain Your Deck for Seasons to Come 

Affordable Tips to Maintain Your Deck


An outdoor living space can be a fantastic addition to your home, as it effectively increases the usable area, makes entertaining effortless, and connects you to the natural environment while allowing you to enjoy time at home. When creating an outdoor oasis, the focus is on the patio, which needs to withstand different kinds of weather and protect outdoor furnishings. Its proximity to the home plays a vital role in its functionality. As opposed to a deck, a patio is built directly onto the ground, so it doesn’t have any bumps. 

Regular maintenance can prevent rotting and rusting, so if you want to make your mini-retreat as safe as possible for your loved ones, make an effort. You’ll want to protect your investment and keep your project looking new. The good news is that you don’t have to go out of your way to preserve the original condition of the patio, but you must put forth some effort. Here’s what you need to do to increase the lifespan of your patio: 

Clean The Patio At Least Every Two Weeks 

Cleaning the patio can be a grimy, gross, or dangerous undertaking, but someone has to do it. Bi-weekly sweeping will eliminate loose dirt and debris, not to mention it helps maintain the wood’s natural lustre. Wood blends into the natural surroundings, but allowing it to get too dirty can lead to discoloration, mould, and even rot. In case you didn’t already know, wood is very expensive to repair, refinish, or replace. You can use a pressure washer on the surface, but make sure to select a pressure that’s gentle on the wood. 

Various types of cleaners are available, and they vary by application. For example, oxygen bleach has a strong fungicidal effect, killing any living thing that resides on the surface of your patio. It can seamlessly restore weathered grey wood with a rough texture and rustic feel. Cleaning the patio before applying a protector like Rubiomonocoat can help it withstand the weather and harsh UV rays better. The idea is to eliminate the contaminants. A cleaner isn’t designed to remove old stains, so you’re going to need a stain stripper for this. 

Protect The Patio From UV, Humidity, And Frost 

If your patio has lost its lustre, you must apply something to protect it and restore its shine. Outdoor wood protection increases the lifespan of your patio, reducing replacement costs and allowing more efficient use of forest resources. Add a plant-based hard wax oil to protect the wood from water and heat, not to mention daily wear and tear; it can be spread easily. Remove the existing finish with a paint or varnish remover, sand the wood surface, and oil the surface. Wood surfaces treated with plant-based hard wax oil are easy to maintain, so remove the filth with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. 

Make The Necessary Repairs 

Pouring rain, hot sun, and snow take their toll, so your patio won’t last more than 10-15 years. If you take really good care of it, the patio can last more than that. Make the necessary repairs if you notice cracked boards, loose steps, or protruding nails. As wood ages, it can swell or shrink, so if your nails are coming loose, replace them with screws, but keep in mind it’s just a temporary fix. The patio boards settle and loosen due to the effects of nature and the pressure water, leaving the nails slightly elevated. It would help if you tried to get on top of the problem before countless nails were sticking out. 

Railings keep you and your guests safe during get-togethers or when spending time outdoors. It’s essential to regularly inspect and maintain the railing to ensure it’s safe and stable, so tighten screws or replace hardware if necessary. Give the railing a strong push to be confident it can withstand a heavy band. If the railing is shaky or unsteady, the issue lies in the connection between the rail post and the patio frame. Regardless of the cause, reinforce or replace it right away. You can increase the rail’s strength by adding a wooden block to the patio’s rim joist, a solution that works well if the rail posts are attached to the frame’s interior. 

Keep Paper Towels at Hand 

Did you spill water? The last thing you want is to let it sit because it soaks and contaminates the surface, not to mention it increases the risk of slipping. A lot of life happens outdoors, so accidents aren’t out of the ordinary. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a set of paper towels close by to get to the stains faster. Indeed, paper towels can make a mess, but they don’t make the stain more difficult or impossible to remove. You could use a sponge to get the patio clean or a microfibre cloth, which works perfectly with a cleaner. By making the switch, you can do more good than you can imagine.


Warm weather won’t be back anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor retreat even if the night creeps in earlier. You can enjoy the outdoors year-long as long as you install appropriate lighting and a temporary enclosure to enrich your experience. It doesn’t matter if the weather turns bad. Store the outdoor furniture in a shed or garage during wintertime, even if it’s made from weather-resistant material if your outdoor space is exposed to the elements. The extra time and effort you put in will prevent a headache at the end of the season. 

With proper maintenance and a few finishing touches, you can keep the patio looking great for years to come. Little effort is needed. Keep a bunch of blankets by the door – they’ll come in handy in the chilly evenings (and guests will be grateful). If you love to entertain, think about installing a fireplace, as you can share good times with the people you treasure the most and indulge in delicious meals over the open flame.


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