Turning Trash into Treasures

Today – Turning Trash into Treasures


We’ve all got junk around the house – whether you’re a hoarder whose garage is full to the brim of unwanted items or you’ve got just a smattering of bits and bobs around your abode. But these days, there’s so much you can do with it all. Don’t chuck it all away in a minimalist approach – instead, recycle and upcycle to turn trash into treasure.
We’re going to look at four of our favourite repurposing projects which we hope you’ll try out for yourself…



Turning Trash into Treasures

Clothes peg Trivet
Hasn’t this trivet got a Scandinavian feel to it? The modern kitchen essential couldn’t be simpler to make too. Oslo born crafter Paul Lowe disassembled 40 wooden clothes pegs and drilled a hole in each one, approximately 2.5cm away from the tapered edge. Then he threaded them all onto florist wire, making sure they were all facing the same direction. To finish, he shaped the wire into a circle and twisted the ends to secure. This is something simple which you could try and the end result looks very stylish.
Cereal Box Organisers
One of the worst things you can throw away is cereal boxes. Apart from the fact that they can be recycled with any other paper or card waste, they can also be used for a myriad of things. We love the idea of turning them into files and organisers. Simply cut the boxes into your desired shape or shapes, then cover with patterned papers or gift wrap to coincide with a home office, kids’ bedroom or otherwise. Double-sided tape is key here.
Playing Card Wallet
We’ve all got packs of playing cards lying around the house. Some may be a little worse for wear, but rather than throw them away, why not turn them into something functional? It is astonishingly easy it is to turn playing cards into a handy wallet. All you need is six cards, clear tape and a pair of scissors. Lay the cards face-up in a two by three formation with small gaps in between, then use lots of tape to stick them all together. Next, flip the cards over, fold one side up and tape the sides. You’re done!
Sewing Pattern Storage
Are you already a crafty person? Then you’re bound to have lots of craft materials lying around the house, so why not use them to assist you in any further creative endeavours? We love the idea of turning empty sewing pattern envelopes into storage for scissors, buttons and other haberdashery items. You can see how expertly they’ve been upcycled and secured to the side of a craft table for easy access.

You can see just how easy it is to transform random, everyday things from around the house into impressive new pieces with a real use to them. And here’s a thought… if you make a real habit of it, you could even sell your makes for a bit of extra pocket money.

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