20 quick tips to keep laundry costs down

 Here are 20  quick tips to keep laundry costs down. Common sense yes but worthy of reminding ourselves…..


quick tips to keep laundry costs down 


Quick tips to keep laundry costs down

  1. Obvious but crucial. Seperate your whites and colours carefully. This is vital and worthy of a double check!
  2. Avoid using the tumble dryer.  Try and dry outside where possible or on radiators in winter.
  3. Wait till clothes are actually dirty before you wash them. When mine were small I changed PJ’s every day because someone said I should. No clue why and totally unnecessary.
  4. Wait until you have a full load before putting the machine on but be careful not to overfill and ruin your machine
  5. Buy generic brand washing powder and stock up when special offers are on. You will always need this.
  6. Use less laundry powder …it you will be surprised how good the results are.
  7. Unless items are really dirty wash on the lowest time cycle.
  8. Wash on the lowest temperature too unless heavily soiled as again you will save on energy. Experiment with what works on your machine and your clothes.
  9. Try and avoid ironing as it uses power and your time, Fold /hang clean and dry clothes as soon as you can.
  10. Encourage children to eat neatly and cover white tops if they eat pasta sauce!Bibs and napkins really help!
  11. Have clothes for mucky play and insist kids change out of school uniforms to play out.
  12. Do up zips before putting items in the laundry and check pockets for fluff coin s etc. small mistakes can ruin clothes and damage washing machines and can be costly.
  13. Outfits worn for an hour or so a week for example cubs uniforms do not need a weekly wash!
  14. Encourage children to be regular hand washes as this will save both  clothes and walls!
  15. Make sure you have the best energy supplier for your needs. Do spend time comparing providers and make that switch it really can save you hundreds of pounds.
  16. Make sure your machine is turned off at the socket when not in use. If any lights are on, then the machine will still be using electricity.
  17. Make sure your tumble dryer’s filters are fluff free. It will help it to dry efficiently.
  18. Rolling sleeves and wearing aprons when you cook or paint or craft makes a difference!
  19. Clothes you have worn that are still clean should be hung immediately. People often wash clothes because they look creased and scruffy rather than dirty.
  20. Never take your child blackberry picking in a white top otherwise you will be washing it many times and spending a small fortune on stain remover


keep laundry costs down



More quick tips to keep laundry costs down 

Awesome laundry tips


Looking for your quick tips to keep laundry costs down 

Now its over to you. Do you use these quick tips to keep laundry costs down what are your laundry cost saving tips…? and what Iron shoul dyou use?

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  1. valhallasblog
    September 11, 2013 / 14:47

    I never use the dryer. We have a well-isolated house, so I can dry it at the attic yearround. Besides that I make my own laundry detergent with marseille soap, (Savon-de-Marseille). 5 liters cost about 60 cent and it washes normal laundrey very well. Lol at nr. 20 🙂

  2. September 16, 2013 / 18:14

    Great tips, My eldist has just started school & i’m still undecided on weather he has to change when he gets home or not. If he changes, then eats tea then 9 times out of 10 then whatever he was wearing will also need washing. So i’m currently going with if its clean then change it & if it’s going to need washing anyway keep it on. I think if his uniform was expencive i would be more worried about stains however at £1 a top & £3 for trousers his uniform is cheaper than most of his other clothes.

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