Choosing the Right One: Do You Know the Differences Between These 5 Types of Assisted Living Facilities?

Types of Assisted Living Facilities


Types of Assisted Living Facilities

When you are looking for the perfect assisted living facility, knowing the different types of available to you and your loved ones is helpful. Not every assisted living facility is the same and you want to be sure that your loved one is in the right place. In fact, not every assisted living facility is for elderly residents, some are for residents of all ages.


Senior Assisted Living Facilities

As seniors age, many lose their ability to care for themselves. This is where a facility like Pegasus Senior Living comes into play. Seniors often need help with preparing meals, managing medications and caring for their apartments.


Seniors still have some independence, but they can get help in difficult areas of their lives. Many Assisted living facilities for seniors often provide transportation to activities. They also bring in hair stylists, barbers, ministers, musicians, as well as other professionals. These facilities have been growing in popularity as Baby Boomers are getting older and needing more specialized care.


Disability Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are good choices for people who have a disability that prevents them from caring for fully caring for themselves. Residents often need help with daily activities like preparing food, bathing, and transportation.


In an assisted living facility for people with disabilities, residents might have their own rooms, depending on their disability. The caregivers might help them with medications and with training for job skills. Some people in assisted living centers of this nature might be recovering from car accidents or injuries that have left them unable to live on their own for a set time period.


Veterans Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities for veterans are designed specifically for the care that veterans need. Veterans of all ages could live in these facilities. Some could be in there for difficulties due to aging, while others could be recovering from injuries obtained in battle or in training exercises.


Veterans often have to pay for the rooms in an assisted living facility, but the care is usually paid for by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Caregivers are on staff 24 hours per day and they can provide varying levels of care based on the needs of the residents.


Assisted Living for Young Adults

Young adults also need assisted living facilities. Some need them for mental or physical disabilities, while others need them because they are in foster care or they have issues with substance abuse.


After young adults outgrow school, some need more care and their families are unable to provide it. Some provide job training, especially for young adults who have been caught up in abuse and addiction.


Memory Care Assisted Living Facilities

Memory care assisted living facilities to differ from the traditional senior assisted living facilities. In a memory care facility, most of the residents struggle with disorders that affect their memories, like Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Memory care facilities provide assistance with medication and meals. They also help patients manage their lives without the memories they once had in a compassionate environment

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