UK Holidays: Fun on a Budget

When money is limited, getting a decent holiday is one of the first things that many often cut out or consider to be too expensive.

Yet, like everything else in life, a decent holiday is not hard to find when you consider your options. With this in mind, you should look at some of the family fun that you have on a holiday within the UK.  


One of the biggest advantages of staying in the UK is that you don’t need to pay excessive travel costs. You’re not going by plane, so there aren’t any transfer costs to think about. Trains, for instance, can get you anywhere you need to go, with plenty of cheap rail fares available.

Furthermore, booking in advance can usually warrant further discounts. Since a holiday is always planned ahead, this is just another bonus to make the most of. Let’s not forget that travelling by train is also easier if you have a large or stressful family, since it removes the added pressures of driving, offering more comfort and relaxation both there and back.


Likewise, since you’re not going abroad, you’re not limited to typical hotels. Whilst there are plenty of hotels in the UK, with varying prices, you can even look into the likes of B&Bs for cheap alternatives that offer a similar experience 

Of course, the size of your family will nonetheless affect your needs, but you can always find family discounts or family orientated accommodation if you shop around before you go.


Every holiday needs to go somewhere; in the UK, this may choosing where to go can be more difficult than you might think, since the UK is full of various cities and locations, all unique and different from one another.

The east coast, for instance, has numerous cities worth a visit, all of which are available via East Coast Rail, with lines spanning the country between Edinburgh and London. Major cities such as Leeds, York and Newcastle can all be reached, if you want to make the most of city life and the various attractions available.

However, if you want somewhere quieter, you also have the likes of Lincoln, York, Peterborough and Harrogate available, offering smaller, scenic towns with plenty of charm and charisma.

In short, whatever you’re after, you’ll find the UK has more choice and budget options than you might at first think. With easy transport options and flexible accommodation, there is an option for any family and any budget.



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