Unusual Things Do in London

Today – unusual things to do in London

Being a home to so many incredible attractions, London has sure become a popular tourist destination, and if you’re getting here for a few days, you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice with so much to do.

To help you make the best of your time here, we’ve shortlisted 7 cool things you absolutely should try doing. Read on…


Unusual Things Do in London

Unusual Things Do in London – 7 awesome ideas

Are you looking for unusual things to do in London, if so read on for some awesome ideas.


Enjoy Foods With a Twist

Brixton Market is one of the best shopping destinations in London, but what really takes it up a notch is the mindblowing food the vendors here have to offer- everything from a vegan cupcake (yes it exists) to a brookie (a mix of a cookie and a brownie). Enjoy some out-of-the-box food, catch up on some street shopping and have a fun evening!

Get Up Close with the Dinosaurs

If you haven’t been to the National History Museum already, now’s the time to do so. This first rate museum, known for its gigantic dinosaur skeleton display, has so much to explore and discover, you’ll definitely find yourself awestruck, if not more. And yes, entry here is free!

Do Yoga From the Top

Oh yes- get zen by treating yourself to the world’s highest yoga class. This one may be a bit pricey, but it is truly worth a try if you’re not sticking to a budget. It’s fun, challenging and a unique experience altogether.

Unusual things to do in London? Go Kayaking

Whether or not you’ve tried it already, kayaking is a must while you’re here. Book yourself a sightseeing tour that has you kayak down the river Thames through several waterway routes and explore London at its best. Of course, make a couple of pits stops along the way to gorge on some delicious food and then keep going.


Gawk at Animal Skeletons

As if dinosaurs wasn’t enough, here’s something to take things up a notch. Get yourself to the Grant Museum of Zoology- one of a kind in London that has rows and rows of display cases full of everything from animal skeletons to preserves and more. Spend your evenings here discovering more about animal life, and be awed by the huge elephant skull on display.


Get Nerdy in a Bookstore

The bookstores in London are absolutely high caliber and what’s best is that most of them have some great displays- perfect for you to capture some stunning photos for your Instagram feed. Don’t miss out on Daunt Books, Libreria and Word on the Water- all of them are equally fascinating, and who knows- you’ll probably end up rediscovering the bookworm in you.


Discover a Natural Creek – now that is one of the MOPST unusual things to do in London

Deptford Creek is one of last natural creeks that have survived in the UK, and taking a guided tour to discover it and so much more along the way can be a great experience. This creek is a home to many butterflies, birds, freshwater plants and animals, and is also believed to have over 120 different species of flowers for you to explore. Plus, the walk is short- around a couple of hours- the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon when you’re in London.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for Unusual Things Do in London


Unusual Things Do in London


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