Unxepected little leaks

Somethings we just don’t talk about, do we?

But actually we should because good advice can make all the difference to hope we cope.

I’m thinking about things like facial hair, struggling to find the right deodorant, creaky knees as we get up from the floor and unexpected little leaks.

As we get older, particularly  after we have children, unexpected little leaks can be a real issue for women.

Light bladder weakness affects 1 in 2 women in the UK and we need to address the issue without embarrassment and focus on practical solutions.

My oops moments come after laughing or sneezing mostly – this started after having kids and has got a little worse with age.

Little leaks can be annoying and can stop you feeling both fresh and confident which is rubbish!Life is just way too short to be worrying about thing s like that.

Lights by Tena are specifically designed for unexpected little leaks and contain feelfresh technology so you really don’t not have to worry. It really is not something you won’t to be worryng about and it would be such a shame not to laugh, jump, run or bounce just becuase you were avoiding those oooh moments.

Life is for living!

You can request a free sample pack to see how they work for you (just fill in the form on the on the website)



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  1. Jo Hutchinson
    December 6, 2015 / 14:10

    life is certainly for living.

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