How to upcycle heirloom jewellery

Today How to upcycle heirloom jewellery

Gold, silver and platinum are highly valuable and really sort after materials. These metals are even more precious when they have sentimental meaning behind them and this is why pieces of jewellery such as a gorgeous locket are kept for years and passed down between generations. Sadly, some rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings never see the light of day – they are kept hidden in drawers and safes because we just don’t want to part with them, but aren’t able to wear them either. It could be they’re broken, old fashioned or they aren’t the right size, but we can’t get rid of them because we have an emotional attachment.


How to upcycle heirloom jewellery

How to upcycle heirloom jewellery

If you’ve wondered what to do with a broken bangle, odd earring or the diamond ring granny left you that’s too tight, then maybe upcycling is something to consider. Gold can be melted down and recreated into something beautiful that is simply more your style. Stones, such as diamonds, can be reset too, but in a more modern way. The more items that can be upcycled together, the more options there are. An heirloom pendant and a too-tight bracelet could be remade into three stacking rings, for example, turning a couple of un-wearable things into an on-trend accessory. Without getting rid of the sentiment and love in the old jewellery, a new item to treasure has been created. The design for your new jewellery can be influenced by you and something unique can be crafted, a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have.


Upcycling old jewellery

Upcycling old jewellery can also be a useful way to divide heirlooms fairly and add more sentimental meaning. If a few family members have been left an assortment of jewellery between them, why not have them recreated into matching charms that each person can wear and have close to them? Something like a simple star shape, circle or petal – attached to a chain it’d make a great necklace, or added to a charm bracelet would be perfect too. A newly crafted set of rings that all look similar is another idea. An anniversary gift or graduation present made from upcycled jewellery would be really special. Have a look at the Brighton jewellery designers for some inspiration.


Reusing gold –How to upcycle heirloom jewellery


Reusing gold in this way is environmentally friendly. It’s important not to use up resources carelessly and the mend-an-make-do attitude is becoming more and more important. With mining for precious metal becoming more controversial – making the most of what has already been produced is paramount. So get rummaging in your jewellery boxes and reaching into the back of your drawers and give upcycling a go.

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