Update your bedroom on a budget

Today – Update your bedroom on a budget


When you are looking to update your bedroom on a budget there are some very key, simple things you can do to make a difference for less.

Update your bedroom on a budget


How to Update your bedroom on a budget

Paint it..check out the colours of the season and paint your room in the one you like best. Will update it instantly.

Adding a mirror can make a room feel bigger as it can reflect the light and make three room look longer too.

A new plain but fresh light shade need cost very little but will really refresh a ceiling.  Changing lampshades can also be a small price to pay for a really different look.

You can even update the feel of a room by changing your plug in or room mister.

Lovely cushions like these from Furniture village can be a brilliant way to update a room on a budget you can use cushions to make a room ‘on trend’ or change its whole feel. Cool calm colours can help a room feel relaxing whilst striking red poppies are a lively and dynamic addition.

 A new duvet cover and a print in coordinated colours can instantly zing up a room.Or maybe you want to make feature of one wall and add wallpaper. It can quite cheap for a couple of rolls of wall paper and something striking could really make a difference.

More ways to Update your bedroom on a budget

Another way of updating a room on a budget is to have a change around of furniture, This can really make a huge difference and less is often more…can you move anything out of the room to make it look more spacious?  This costs nothing but a little time and experimenting. Could be well worth it though!

A change of curtain or the addition of a throw or other material are ways of ringing in the changes without spending a fortune. In fact here are sop many ways you can update your bedroom on a budget. For me a bunch of flowers beautifully displayed always looks amazing and they can just be from the garden.



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