Updating your lounge without breaking the bank

Updating your lounge without breaking the bank is a Guest post

Home improvements need not spell financial meltdown; with some imagination and hard work it is possible to transform rooms without breaking the bank.

The lounge is the place families spend time together so making it a welcoming and comfortable space is really essential. Sometimes it is hard to identify where improvements can be made because we are so used to seeing the room as it is, and probably has been for a long time. A good tip is to take all the furniture out and try and view it with fresh eyes. Remain flexible and open minded about making changes in the layout and décor. Think about how the room is to be used. Is there enough room for everyone to be seated comfortably? Would a dining area be possible? Could the lighting be improved? What about the colour scheme? Is it warm enough in there? 

Updating your lounge without breaking the bank

One of the quickest, cheapest and effective ways of lifting a room is to redecorate. The cost of paint or wallpaper is relatively affordable and the transformation through its use will certainly be worth it. If redecorating the whole room is not feasible, why not focus on a feature wall? A bold lick of contrasting paint, stunning wallpaper or inexpensive decals on one wall can make a massive difference.

If the room feels small or cluttered, streamlining will make the space grow. Choose lighter paint shades to give the impression of higher ceilings and a bigger space. Flood as much natural daylight into the lounge as possible. Position mirrors opposite light sources to reflect as much natural light as possible into the room. Busy window treatments can eat space and will also gather dust so why not consider interior wooden shutters? For a sophisticated and streamlined look interior shutters are hard to beat and what’s more, they can shrink energy bills because they reduce heat loss. For reasonably priced and responsibly sourced examples of these window treatments take a look at B&Q’s FSC shutters for ideas. 

Updating your lounge without breaking the bank

  • Once the walls and windows have been dealt with, start focusing on the details that make all the difference. If the sofa and chairs are looking tired why not cover them with an attractive throw? Accent with some brightly coloured cushions and the old sofa beneath will soon be forgotten. If the carpet is looking threadbare, carefully placed rugs can work wonders.
  • Recycling old furniture can be fun and satisfying. With a sanding down, a coat of fresh paint and some new handles that tired old sideboard can live to fight another day. Cast around the house for other forgotten pieces of furniture that may be smartened up and brought back into use. It costs little, but is so rewarding.
  • Make a habit of popping into second-hand shops and trawling car boot sales because this is where the bargains are to be found. Source some unique one-off accessories that will stamp your personality on the lounge. Keep an eye out for interesting artwork and prints, picture frames, lamps and shades, vases, glassware and mirrors to freshen up the lounge look. Things that have a little history of their own add real interest to a room, lifting it out of the ordinary and bland – and they certainly don’t have to cost a fortune. 
  • Big changes can be made in the lounge without big budgets – all it takes is a little effort and imagination. In return for this modest investment, an updated lounge is within easy reach of most pockets.

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