Valentines gifts for the woman you love

Here are some lovely Valentines gift ideas that really are that little bit different but that I can guarantee you the woman in your life will most probably prefer to a box of chocolates. You could always give her the box of chocolates as well as that would really do the trick!

First up how about this gorgeous Dorothy Perkins pink faux fur coat from House of Fraser?  Isn’t it just lovely. Unbelievably it s only £25 in their rather amazing sale.  I have to say I have had one to review and it is comfiest coat ever! So cosy. Lots of their coats and jackets are reduced so it is well worth a look.

Faux Fur DusterKeeping with the cosy theme how about these fabulous microwaveable cream cozy-boots form Getting Personal. You simply pop them in the microwave for 90 seconds and then lip them on they are all toasty warm and filled with lavender so they smell heavenly too. So lovely when your toes are cold and a really sweet idea for Valentines day. These cost £14.99. I have to tell ou they made me feel totally snuggly and happy!

Or how about you surprise your lovely other half with breakfast in bed?  Another lovely idea form Getting personal the breakfast in bed gift box is a real delight.  I cannot tell you how much I would love a Valentines lie in and to be presented with this.  It includes everything you can think of jars of strawberry, apricot and blackcurrant jam, a mini bottle of champagne, a ‘Scrumshus’ jar of premium granola,  all-day breakfast tea, a ‘Love On Toast’ toast stamp, for the most and even a little dustpan and brush to clear up the the bed crumbs!

I am going to leave all of this out on Valentines eve by the kettle, set the alarm HIS side and hope he gets the message!

This retails at £39.99 and what an absolute treat.

Or how about the Diva Intelligent Titanium Wand absolutely lovely piece of kit to easily curl and style her hair. It comes with a heat resistant glove and is super easy to use. It makes hair mirror smooth and it heats instantly.I loved this it was so effective and it would be a real treat for Valentines especially if you have plans to go  out somewhere nice too!


Aren’t these all lovely ideas?

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Valentines gifts for the woman you love


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