Finding Ways To Fill Your Walls

Today – Finding Ways To Fill Your Walls

Of all of the aspects which homes share in common, the walls you find inside most buildings are fairly similar to one another. It’s rare to visit somewhere which has gone in its own direction with this space, with most people opting to either paint or wallpaper their walls, simply leaving it at that.

This is a shame, though, as it simply doesn’t have to be this way. Wall decoration is often considered to be an insignificant part of home improvement. However, wall art paintings can actually help you to reflect the style and personality of your home. By choosing the right wall decorations, you can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home.Instead, if you’re willing to put the time into finding the perfect pieces of it, this post is here to help you to change your walls in ways you may have never thought possible. Ignoring normal decor and furniture options, it will be showing you some additional ideas which can give any room some flair.

Finding Ways To Fill Your Walls

Finding Ways To Fill Your Walls



Since a time before homes were being built, and people were still living in caves and temporary structures, pictures have made up a large part of the way that walls are covered for a long time. Of course, nowadays, your home is far past cave paintings, and this means that you’ll probably be keen for something a little more modern. To achieve a goal like this, you need to do some serious work to make sure that you end up with pictures which you like. Below, you can find some examples of the stages you will need to go through to manage this.

Sourcing The Pictures: For a lot of people, simply buying artwork will be enough at this stage. If you have a very high budget, you might be able to afford to buy original pieces, though this will be out of most people’s range. Instead, prints make a great alternative, with websites like Etsy having thousands of different options to choose from. It’s always best to choose images which mean a lot to you for this, as this will help them to have the right kind of impact on you when you see them each day. Photography can also work very well for this, though this will involve using a good camera to take stunning pictures, and this is something a lot of people can’t do.

Choosing Your Hanging Method: When it comes to pictures which have been painted by an artist, having a solid and beautiful frame will be very important. Frames can be found on a variety of stores, ranging from websites like eBay, to proper specialists. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a way to skimp on an item like this, as those with a higher price tag tend to simply look nicer. Alternatively, mostly for prints and photos, you can also find more subtle mounting methods. Plastic strips can be found which attach to the top and bottom of your picture, making it look nice and flowing, while also keeping it straight against the wall without having to use tac.



Of course, artwork and other pictures aren’t the only way to adorn your walls. Along with these options, fabrics can also provide a fresh look without costing a small fortune, and can be found in a variety of different styles. Tapestries have been used by various cultures for many years, with different styles being used for very different things. For example, a lot of people will like the look of an Indian Mandala on their wall, whereas others will prefer something from the Western world. Either way, having fabrics used like this within the home is a great way to give your spaces more character.

Choosing Your Fabrics: You have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the fabrics you’d like to hang in your home. Minimal options are almost guaranteed to look good, as long as you choose colours which match the space well. Some people will prefer to go for more elaborate options, though, and this will mean being a little more careful. Complex designs can easily clash with one another, even if they are very similar, making it a challenge to choose options which will work well. While you’re first getting started, it will be worth using websites like Instagram to give you an idea of what you want to aim for before getting started.



When choosing lighting for their home, a lot of people think about lamps most of all. While options like this are very convenient, they don’t give you the chance to turn bare walls into something more special, whereas wall mounted lights can be perfect for the purpose of this post. To some people, they may feel like a bit of a relic, but there are a lot of modern options on the market which can look great in a wide variety of rooms. Of course, they will have to be installed by a professional, but this will be worth it to avoid the risks of being shocked while also achieving the best results.

Fitting Them Into A Room: Making something like this fit into a room will take more work than simply finding something you like. Thankfully, the companies which make this sort of feature will often also make ceiling lamps to go along with them. While this means changing another part of the room, nothing will look quite as good as having a range of lighting options which are all designed to work together. A lot of homes which have wall lights will use them as ambient lighting, switching to the main ceiling counterpart when they need more illumination, creating a lovely feel in your rooms.


Other Objects

There are plenty of other objects which can go well in a range of different rooms. The options you choose should always be based on the current style of the space, rather than items which you simply enjoy. Below, you can find some of the key examples of the sorts of products available to suit this purpose. Some are more traditional than others, giving you the chance to have some freedom when it comes to styling your place, while also opening the doors to your own ideas.



The idea of having clothing on the walls isn’t something a lot of people will think about when they’re going through this work. But, if you have garments which you are particularly proud of, or really like the way they look, it can look great having a wall of shirts. Mounting something like this can be a little tricky, with most people opting for string to suspend them naturally.



Being able to see yourself without having to go to the bathroom or a bedroom is a great tool when you’re in a rush. Of course, though, alongside this, mirrors also have their own appeal when it comes to style, offering much of the same freedom as a hanging picture. You can afford to go for a slightly more elaborate frame with a mirror than you would a picture, as they blank space in the middle will look less busy.




Whether you’re into old school tech and want to have nixie tubes displaying your time, or are a stickler for the old fashioned and would rather have a clock which is dragged straight out of a traditional train station, timepieces are another superb option when you’re looking for ways to improve your walls. There are loads of sites which sell this sort of item, and hanging them is usually as simple as hanging a picture.

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Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into the walls around your home. A lot of people ignore this sort of space, using furniture to cover up what they have on offer. In reality, though, nothing quite makes a room than a perfectly dressed wall.


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