Vital gardening tools for beginners

During the pandemic, many families found themselves getting immersed in making an effort to look after their home garden space. Have you and your family only recently become interested in home gardening and are beginners to it all? Well, first things first you need to know about essential garden tools that you will need to rely on when you start out. To give you some helpful advice, we have come up with this guide to vital garden tools for beginners.



Protecting your hands with gloves made from a resistant material is paramount for all beginner home gardeners. You will quickly learn that gardening can be a tough graft, and you certainly don’t want to end up with callouses and nasty tears to the skin of the palms of your hands. 


Vital gardening tools for beginners


A spade can help you to dig, create edges for beds, strip grass, slice roots (easy does it), and pry plants and rocks out of the ground, these are important everyday actions for new gardeners. Therefore, getting a reliable spade should be one of the first things you do. 


Need something smaller for the younger ones in your family? Find your kids a mini garden spade or a trowel that fits nicely into their hands. 


Pruners and loppers are vital gardening tools for beginners

At some point, you may need to remove dying or damaged stems and branches from shrubs, plants, bushes, or trees in the garden, since leaving them can lead to diseases and inhibit plant growth in the long term. Pruners are essentially garden scissors that help you trim and cut back things growing in your outdoor space, and you can’t do without them.


You may have to contend with thicker branches in your garden which are more difficult to trim and cut. If so, loppers with long handles and solid blades will enable you to clip thicker branches that standard pruners are unable to.



Looking to put new plants into congested flower beds? Garden trowels are designed for planting this purpose and planting bulbs. Trowels can also come in useful for digging, mulching, and removing small quantities of soil and gravel. So, trowels are another garden tool you cannot do without.


Hand fork 

Small hand forks are ideal for weeding, potting, and transplanting. You can also use a hand fork to maintain the soil in potted plants. It is a small gardening tool that can come in pretty handy.



Garden shears with long blades do an excellent job of making sure you get to those hard to stems and branches and cut them back. Without a doubt, shears are another garden tool that beginners cannot do without. 


Just remember, shears can be quite sharp, so keep them away from young kids. 



Before you plant new plants and seeds, you can use a rake to level and grade the soil. A well-designed garden rake will also help you to remove leaves and other debris from the lawn area without damaging the soil underneath it. With this in mind, a garden rake is an indispensable tool for beginner gardeners. 



A wheelbarrow is a great way to transport items around your garden. It doesn’t just have to be used for moving compost, soil, branches and such around your garden, a wheelbarrow can also be useful for moving bricks, mixed concrete, and so on. In general, a wheelbarrow is a must-have and a helpful tool when you are a beginner gardener.


Storage considerations for your tools

You also need to think about where you are going to store all your wonderful tools. You may choose to store your garden tools in a traditional shed.An alternative garden tool storage solution is to rent a self storage unit from a provider you can depend on with reliable customer service support, such as Currie Easy Self Storage which has a broad range of units of varying sizes in storage locations in Twickenham,  Isleworth, and Richmond. Look for a provider like this that takes security seriously so you can relax knowing that your garden tools are all stored away safely, and you can pick them up and use them whenever you need to. After all, gardening is one truly addictive hobby once you get into it!


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