Vtriker Elite Review

vtriker elite review

Vtriker Elite -with Gold Award

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We were recently sent this gorgeous vtriker elite scooter to review and I have to say it has been a big hit.


Vtriker Elite review

My husband declared it very easy to assemble and it took him about 10 mins (and with no moaning either – very unusual!)

Available from www.vtriker.com it costs £69.99 and is a really brilliant way to keep kids active. It is much more of a workout than a traditional scooter (and tbh I think it seems a lot more fun! ) I admit to having had a little go myself. It would certainly burn off a few pounds if I kept it up!

My daughter gives it the big thumbs up and is starting to get the hang of it. Her 9 year old cousin has been showing how its done and whizzing away on it!

We have been practicing on a tennis court but will graduate to going round the park when we have learned how to avoid people! There are lots of different ways to use it and different leg motions you can use so I think this will be ‘fresh’ and ‘fun’ for a long time. Plus it can go super fast!

The vtriker elite actually comes in 4 colours black, pink, blue and green.

Check out the kids in this video and how nippy they are!

A fab  new scooter ….we are delighted with it and how cool does it look!  I am all for anything which gets the kids out and about rather than sat staring at a screen. And I also think a scooter like this is a good investment of money because it will be used again and again and over many years.



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