Waldorf balance boards – great multi-purpose natural toys

Today –  Waldorf balance boards – great multi-purpose natural toys

Every parent has to face a dilemma: which toys they should buy for their children? There is an almost unlimited number of toys available on the market. Which ones should you choose? In this article, you will find information about Waldorf balance boards. They are a wonderful gift for children of all ages. Let’s go!



What are the Waldorf balance boards?

Waldorf balance boards were created to be used by children to stimulate their mental and physical development. They were initially used in Waldorf education, which is how they got their name. Although the concept of a balance board is pretty simple, there are multiple reasons why it would be a great gift for your children.


Improves creativity

Although this toy might seem like a pretty straightforward object to an adult, that’s because most of us focus only on that which exists. When it comes to the world of children, the reality is only a basis, on which the ideas will then grow. There are endless possibilities of what this board could turn into. It could be a tunnel through a mountain, a balancing board, or a resting place. Your child will find dozens of uses for it that you wouldn’t possibly come up with. Perhaps this board could turn into a mountain range, on which run the tracks? The possibilities are endless!


More and more parents try to help their kids with every single task. It is understandable when they are very young, but with time, they should learn to be independent. It is increasingly more common that young adults, although perhaps very smart, are unable to accomplish basic tasks. Although for you, it might be an expression of love, being an overprotective parent can actually stifle the development of your kids. According to the experts at Parent Center Network, it’s best to show that you care, but let the kids figure some things out for themselves. Trust me – kids can achieve much more than you would expect!


Helps with physical development

Another reason parents should consider buying their children a balance board is because it would help their children become more aware of their bodies. Waldorf balance boards are great when it comes to developing a sense of balance. You can make it even more fun if you suggest that a balance board could become a pirate ship! You can aid the development of your kid if you try to make the learning processes enjoyable. This way, the kid will be eager to play with the board. Making sure that children have enough physical activity is crucial. It is estimated that about one-third of children in America are either overweight or obese. Given the fact that being overweight leads to many different diseases, many of them fatal, you should encourage your kid to be physically active.


They are extremely durable & easy to clean!

It is a worry of many parents that the costly toys that they have purchased for their children will soon be damaged. Children aren’t exactly known for being too careful with their toys. Luckily, Waldorf balance boards are durable and can be used outdoors, even if it rains. It is possible for children to have fun with them, even in parks or forests. We are always surrounded by smartphones and computers, which has a negative effect on our attention spans. The world in which we live might be moving at a faster speed than the world of our ancestors, but you should implement an element of calm into the lives of your kids. Too many stimuli will harm their ability to focus, which might be detrimental in their later development. If there is a park next to your home, try to make an effort to take your kids there often. They could bring a balance board with them – you’ll be able to clean it later without any issues!


They are environmentally friendly!

Our society is becoming increasingly more aware of the harm that we are doing to our planet. It means that parents are often reluctant to buy too many toys for their children because they are worried that they add to the environmental damage. It is sometimes the case that the costly toys are used just several times before they are forgotten. When it comes to the Waldorf balance board, those worries are unwarranted. They are made of environmentally friendly materials, and the number of different uses means your children will find it entertaining for many years to come.


An excellent gift for your child!

Choosing a perfect gift for your children was much easier in the past. That’s because our choices were limited. Now, there is an endless number of various toys. A Waldorf balance board is a great choice because it can help your child in both physical and mental development. At the same time, it will also provide a great deal of fun, which means that your kid will never get bored with it!

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