Wanting my children to go to University

I am a big believer in giving children both roots and wings. Wings so they can go wherever they wish in life and achieve whatever they want, I do believe that investing time and energy when young in their health and education gives them strong wings as adults!

 I really enjoyed my time at University.

I did a degree in American Literature at Essex University and I adored all the reading I got to and the time I spent with so many people my own age just having fun. It gave me a great start.


Wanting my children to go to University


Wanting my children to go to University

I knew I wanted to carry on studying and both law and social work appealed to me,

 A law degree at Middlesex University was an appealing option. In the end I went to Hull University to do my Masters in Social Work and later a Psychotherapy Post Grad at Nottingham Trent.

A perpetual student perhaps.

 I do love to study. Knowledge is power and I have had my pick of jobs to some extent and I can always work overseas. I want my children to have this freedom too and the ability to work anywhere in the world. And also to potentially earn well. It does make life easier if you can get a well-paid job.

I would really like both my children to go to University if they are able too, that’s why I encourage them to work hard. They both already absolutely love to read which the root to educational success is of course. I often talk to them about university life and how exciting it was and the options ahead.

My husband talks to them too about how he went traveling and bought a treasure map in the Philippines and went digging for gold instead of Uni. I tell them there is time for both!

(My way may well be more lucrative however!)


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