Ways To Lose Belly Fat Using Mini Trampolines

Are you looking for ways to lose belly fat using mini trampolines?


Ways To Lose Belly Fat Using Mini Trampolines


  1. Why are Trampolines so popular?

This pandemic has changed the ways of our lives. It is recommended to stay indoors and not go out unless necessary. In this situation, what’s better than getting an indoor trampoline. This machine is all that you need to stay fit. Simply jumping up and down the mini trampoline can be done not just for fun, but it is known to burn calories as well. You can lose the same amount of calories that you lose while running a six-minute mile. Using a mini trampoline, you can lose fat from the entire body. A trampoline has all the benefits, including the fun elements. You can perform rebounder workouts which are best to lose belly fat. This exercise trampoline will be your companion to the weight loss journey. There are many trampoline exercises that you can do to lose weight. This also saves you from the expensive monthly memberships at gyms. You can look up online for rebounder trampolines and choose the best one. How fun is it to know that jumping on a trampoline can help get you in shape.


  1. How to work out on a trampoline to help weight loss?

If your query is can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline, the answer is a big yes.

– Scissors: First start with placing your feet under the hips. Stand in the middle of the trampoline. This mini trampoline workout focuses on your legs and arms. Simultaneously, hop one foot in front while the other foot in the back. Make sure to land slightly with bend knees, hips square. Then reverse the leg position and swing your arms in the back and forth position. Continue this trampoline workout for two minutes.

– Running: This mini trampoline exercise simply requires you to imitate a running position. Stand with your feet under hips. Then get one knee towards your chest while alternating arms. This rebounder is better than walking.

– Knee Pull: This trampoline exercise targets your stomach area. Stand with your feet under hips. Extend your arms in front at shoulder height. Pull your arms back as you left knee towards the chest. Keep a 90-degree bend in the knee. Get your body to a normal position. Then repeat for one minute and switch sides.


Ways To Lose Belly Fat Using Mini Trampolines


  1. Exercises to lose belly fat

– Jumping Jacks: Include jumping jacks in your trampoline fitness routine to lose belly fat. It is known to burn calories faster and increase your heart rate which is essential to burn fat. Tone your stomach with this cardio trampoline. If you ask how many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline, then it depends on the workout, your weight, and how much time you spend on it.

– Jump and Tuck: Bounce up and down to bring your knees to the chest. Pull your chest to the knees and land on your feet. Do it a couple of times and repeat it. This jogging trampoline workout targets your upper and lower abs.

– Twist: This rebounder mini trampoline exercise requires you to twist your body side to side. These rebounding exercises can be done standing and is a lot of fun. The small exercise trampoline needs to be done for a minute and then rest. Repeat it for five sets.


  1. The best placement for trampolines

It is important to have a look at the surroundings before you place a trampoline. Consider the landscaping options previously. While you use the trampoline for stomach jumping, trampoline aerobics or to lose trampoline calories, the first thing needs to be the placement. Obviously, you need an open space with no large trees around. The foundation of the trampoline too should be firm and not shaky. The ground where you plan to place the trampoline should be leveled. One of the most common places to keep a trampoline is the grass. Level grass is a great choice since it is soft yet sturdy.

Make sure that the mini trampoline is 1.5m away from tough objects like fences, walls, or rose bushes. Keep a check on the overhead clearance. A majority of the mini trampolines are 3m high, hence look out for fences, wires, or branches. Do not place the mini trampoline on a slope. This can be dangerous. Since kids too can be the ones using the trampoline, place them in a leveled area with no objects around.


  1. Types of Trampolines

– Sunken Trampolines: One excellent way to avoid the dangers of placing a trampoline is to get a sunken mini-trampoline. These trampolines are placed partially under the ground. Only the jumping surface can be visible for such trampolines. However, they can be a little expensive to start with.

– Springless Trampolines: As the name suggests, this trampoline is without any springs. Instead, they use stretch bands. The springs are one of the most common reasons for injury. Hence, these springless trampolines are a safer option. They have high weight capacities which means both kids and adults can have fun.

– Caged Trampolines: This trampoline has a cage that is made of mesh. It protects kids or adults from falling over and lets you enjoy to the fullest. The best part about the trampoline is that they are see-through. This allows you to keep a close watch on your kids.


  1. – Ways To Lose Belly Fat Using Mini Trampolines  – Safety Tips

 – Children under the age of 5 should not be allowed on a trampoline unless they are specially made for kids.

– Always supervise your kids while they are on the trampoline.

– Do not allow more than one person to jump on the mini-trampoline.

– Do not allow flips, stunts, or dangerous activities while on the trampoline.

– If the trampoline is wet, do not allow kids to play until it is dry.

– Do not leave a chair or ladder near a trampoline as kids can get on without supervision.

– It is best to have a fence around the trampoline to ensure the kids are always safe. A mesh cage is the most recommended.



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