Welly Fashion

From a good value point of view wellies are hard to beat in the shoe department. They don’t go out of fashion, they don’t get too  much wear and they can last you for years! Plus they are very practical and can actually save you muddying up clothes that would struggle to recover. So I think we can all agree a nice pair of wellies is a money saving investment (of sorts!)

It is welly weather at the moment. It has  been really raining properly here for day and you can drive big waves up the pavement if you are that way inclined. We have been having a high old time splashing about it big puddle. WElly fashion is on my mind.

Half term began for us to day and we have such plans.

The children have asked to go pony riding and walking in the woods, as well as to the cinema and to have a myriad of friends around to play. And quite sweetly just have ‘some time to be at home and play together’ We are most definitely going to need wellies.

I am very taken with short wellies at the moment and seem to be seeing them everywhere. and adore these gloss, short, black ones. But my kids JUMP in puddles and it goes everywhere so I may need longer ones for protection!

I think this pair are super cute and nice and wide at the top . I don’t have the skinniest legs in the world and don’t always find wellies that easy to slide on. I think these look great.

and these Emma Bridgewater  perfectly match my favorite cup!

I thin really you can either go for fun, stylish or classic.

What welly fashion style would work for you???

All wellies shown are from Wellytique I would gladly own them all!







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