What a busy mum wants for her birthday

Its my birthday in a few weeks and I keep being asked by my husband what I want ( he will then filter back to his family and  arrange his and the kids gifts too.) Generally I mutter and mumble and just vaguely mutter about toiletries and flowers a few days before which really annoys him. I am determind this year to be much more helpful.

Now i can ‘t speak for all busy mums but I would hazard a guess that stuff to help them relax, be orgnaised and take a break from their busy lives are a high priority and these three areas are certainly top priority for me.

1. Gifts to help me relax

If someone booked a cleaner each week for the next four weeks for me as a birthday gift I would be ECSTATIC. I struggle to keep on top of the house but i so like it to look nice. This would make me happy and take a way a lot of stress.

1)     I love candles they really help calm my mind and i love them best at bathtime with some lovely music playing

SpMusic is also a lovely gift idea and I would love the new Oly Murs album or some Jamie Cullum, they both make me smile.

  2. Gifts to help me be organised

Well I would like a new desk although I know that is a pretty big wih/ I would like a white glossy one with lots of places to put stuff so I can really organise myself that would be just great.

I also rather like this patent filofax this way I could be organised in style.

3. Take a break

Last but not by any means least  a trip to a lovely spa like Eden Hall would be just the ticket to help me take a break and recharge my batteries.

What a busy mum wants for her birthday

So there you have it my birthday wish list. One I think any busy  mum would like.

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