What are the must-have art supplies?

Today – What are the must-have art supplies?

What are the must-have art supplies?

I have a passion for art supplies.

Buying new felt tips make me happier than it makes the kids. A fresh roll of double-sided tape ..oooh yes please. the endless possibilities! A plain cardboard box all ripe for the painting. Glass paints, a brand new bottle of PVA glue. Delightful.

The promise of hours of arts and crafts with lovely new supplies warms my heart. It is rubbish to not have a red felt tip when you need one, or to not be able to sharpen your pencil or to find tour glue all dried up.

Give a child the right tools and they will create. Give them broken, used up, dried up, craft materials and a bit like food in such condition they wont touch it!

Some art supplies can be gathered from around the home.


What are the must-have art supplies?

I am thinking cotton wool buds for painting and play dough, pasta for stringing, potatoes for printing, sellotape, old newspapers for papier mache, lentils and yoghurt pots for making shakers,  and anything out of the recycling bin for modelling. Old cards can be cut up for collage and old clothes for sewing projects, old crayons can be melted down together to make one crazy crayon and  the things you can do with a box ( masks, house, ) and a loo roll (animals and jointed snakes) could go on and on. Stones in the garden can be painted to look like fairy houses or decorated with symbols to reflect a memory and popped in a jar. Sticks and pegs can become people and puppet shows and all manner of fun is to be had from the everyday ordinary things around us.

But going to art supply shopping…well it is still a necessity and still fabulous fun.

The basic art supplies I like to have are as follows…

Acrylic paints


PVA glue

Double sided tape


Plain card



Colouring pens

Colouring pencils

and some air drying clay.

What are you staple art supply buys? And do you think I should sneak a glue gun into my next shop? I have a hankering after making some of these and apparently all you need is a glue gun, wine or jar and some paint. How cool!



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