What Benefits Are The Elderly Entitled To In The UK And When

In the UK, the government will try to help out its citizens whenever it can. One of the criteria you must meet to qualify for some of these benefits is to reach a certain age. That is because it is difficult for elderly people to work full-time. These citizens are also more susceptible to mobility-related issues.

So, what benefits are the elderly entitled to in the UK, and at what age do these qualifications start? Read on to find out.

Pensions Credit

Pension credit is a specific amount of money that you will receive on a weekly basis to bring your pension total to a standard minimum. That way, every elderly resident can receive a similar amount of money to spend each week. Of course, the amount of credit you receive will vary depending on how much money is in your pension pot. As such, the average person in the UK can receive a credit to take a single applicant up to £182 per week, while couples can claim up to £278 per week.

Pensioners can start claiming pension credit as a UK citizen, once they reach state pension age and retire. In the UK, the state pension age is sixty-six. If you are claiming as a couple, both of you must be of this age. You will fail to qualify if your weekly pension takes you over the minimum weekly allowance.


Disability Living Allowance

A disability allowance is a benefit that UK residents can receive if they have a medical condition that limits their mobility or requires them to receive regular care. This allowance is there to help pay for any costs associated with your mobility needs or care.

There is a cap to how much applicants can claim, however. The most you can claim I £92 per week, and the lowest amount you can claim is around £24 per week. Also, applicants must be born before 1948 to receive this allowance, or you can apply on behalf of a dependent who is aged sixteen or younger. If you need additional assistance, you can also check your eligibility with a company like Mobility Solutions to see if you are entitled to use one of their Motability scooters.


Council Tax Reduction

Everyone in the UK must pay a monthly fee known as council tax. This amount will differ depending on where you live and your employment status. For example, an eighteen-year-old in full-time employment will pay less than a student of the same age.

However, you are entitled to a council tax reduction once you reach the state pension age of sixty-six. This reduction still applies no matter where you live. The council tax money generated is put toward local causes like schools, road work, police, and litter collection. That is why the amount differs from location to location in the UK.



As you can see, there is a lot that elderly UK residents can qualify for. All you need to do to receive this kind of financial help is check your eligibility and apply.



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