What could jeopardise you receiving a home loan?

What could jeopardise you receiving a home loan

At some point or other most of  us are in need of a home loan. A home loan is the  actual amount of money a buyer owes the lender in the purchase of a home. Normally this arrangement will be with a bank or financial institution of some kind.


Houses made of money, What could jeopardise you receiving a home loan


Being accepted for a home loan in the first place can be a challenge. Let’s take a little look at what can jeopardize our applications and what can really help.


What could jeopardise you receiving a home loan?

Excessive debt

Having a lot of debt to pay off each month could preclude you from being approved for a home loan. Minimum payments on your cards each month are not necessarily enough. Paying off credit cards and reducing the balance on other loans is key to getting a mortgage approval.



The length of time you have been with your current employer can determine if you are eligible for a home loan obviously  the more secure your job is the better. If you are self-employed you may well need a few successful years in business before a home loan will be looked on favourably.



Obviously the more deposit you can put down the better repayment options you will have. It may be worth talking to relatives to see if they can help with this or releasing savings rather than having unmanageable monthly repayment schemes.


Making sure these areas are addressed before applying for a home loan is really worth the while


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