What distracts you when you are driving? #UKDrivingDistractions  

So I have been looking at this great infographic on what distracts you when you are driving from Lease Car and the results are interesting aren’t they? I am and always have been a nervous/ cautious driver and do give the road my absolutely fullest attention.

There are a couple of things that I do find distract me..number 1 on the list being my kids. If I am doing a tricky manoeuvre such as parking or turning right amidst busy traffic I have to ask them to be quiet as their chatter really impacts my concentration. I have never been a multi-tasker. They always listen and go quiet so as not to stress me out but oh do they tease me about it!

The second thing I find really distracting is music with words or the radio as I get too absorbed in what is being said or sung I can just about cope with Smooth FM but really high energy music or news reports are just way too much for me. and I almost always listen to classical music when I drive. My favourite is Chopin!

I do find driving a good time to think about things too and reflect on my life and I have to say I have had some rather deep thoughts whilst driving!

I find it rather scary that people would put pets in the footwell of the car, even the back seat would distract me. I suppose though that people know their own pets and how they will behave when being driven.

I find this an important issue to consider. You really do need to understand what distracts you so you can make sure you stop it occurring /minimise the impact.

So, over to you. What distracts you when you are driving and what do you do to stop it?



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