What Do You Need to Get in For Christmas?

Christmas is nearly here and for many of us, that means a house full of family and friends. Whether you’re hosting guests this Christmas or having a quiet one with your nearest and dearest, here’s what you need to get in ahead of the big day.


What Do You Need to Get in For Christmas?

Plenty of Food

Food is the pinnacle of Christmas for many people so you’ll want to make sure you definitely have this covered! If you’re cooking a traditional Christmas dinner, you’ll want to order your turkey in advance and if it’s frozen, be sure to calculate carefully how long it will take to defrost and cook through – or you may end up eating your Christmas dinner at 10 pm!

If you’ve got guests coming, ask ahead of time about any dietary requirements and allergies so you can have alternatives on hand for those who are veggie or need to eat gluten-free.

A buffet is a popular alternative to a traditional sit-down dinner and works well if you’re unsure of numbers or have picky eaters. Plenty of fresh and frozen party food can be prepared or heated in advance so that all you have to do on the day is lay it all out on the table.



You may have food covered but don’t forget to get in plenty of drinks. Whether it’s alcohol, fizzy pop, fruit juice or hot drinks, make sure you have something to offer everyone who drops by over the Christmas period, from a cup of green tea to warm up or a glass of prosecco to make a toast with.

If you have guests who are teetotal or need to drive home, providing some tasty non-alcoholic alternatives is a thoughtful touch. You could even create your own Christmas mocktails.



Nothing helps you get into the Christmas spirit like a beautifully decorated home. If you haven’t already put your tree up, now is the time to do so. You could also add finishing touches like a wreath on your front door, lights in the windows and a festive centrepiece for your dining table.


Christmas Cards

Pop your Christmas cards in the post ahead of the last posting dates and display any Christmas cards that you’ve received as a reminder of all the wonderful people in your life who can’t be there in person.



Many of us look forward to giving – and receiving gifts at Christmas. If you’re feeling a bit last-minute with your present shopping this year, make a list before hitting the shops so you won’t forget anyone in all the hustle and bustle. Set a budget and stick to it and remember that true friends and family won’t mind how much you spend, it really is the thought that counts. To help your budget stretch you could try making homemade Christmas presents this year, which is sure to help you get into the festive sp


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