What European countries should true coffee lovers visit?

What European countries should true coffee lovers visit? Let’s take a look.

Coffee tourism is becoming increasingly popular in dozens of European countries. If you are a coffee addict who enjoys trying new caffeine drinks and loves to explore the culture and traditions of Europeans, this article is right for you. Find out the list of top places for coffee addicts you need to visit. 


What European countries should true coffee lovers visit?


Before Choosing The Place For Coffee Tourism 

There is nothing new that visiting some European countries might appear to be extremely expensive. You need to buy the tickets, book accommodation and have some pocket money for easy traveling. But what if your budget is too limited for traveling? There is an excellent alternative to coffee tourism you should know about. 

Many people would like to try new sorts of coffee and caffeine beverages in other countries but don’t have enough money to visit remote places. Fortunately, you can enjoy consuming amazing caffeine drinks with no need to leave home. If you become a lucky owner of a modern and feature-rich coffee machine, you will get a chance to do fantastic coffee experiments and prepare drinks like a pro barista. This would be so much fun when you are  entertaining family or friends or even if you are juts wanting to prepare a gorgeous coffee for yourself.

Consider choosing one of the best coffee makers under 100 that are likely to suit the needs of even the most demanding coffee enthusiasts,

Moreover, buying quality beans is another solution that will help you make your coffee consumption experience more diverse. You can choose the best guatemala coffee beans to make various types of coffee or stick to the top-rated beans for espresso. Therefore, it is still possible to drink fantastic coffee right at home. If you are looking for adventures in other countries, find out the most popular places in Europe for coffee lovers below. 



Have you ever heard of Viennese coffee? The capital of Austria is one of the greatest places to try the original drink. Vienna is known for a whopping number of cafes of all sizes, styles, and designs you can imagine, where you can try hundreds of various caffeine beverages. Some restaurants offer cold brews and unique mixes containing uncommon ingredients. The menu might contain traditional coffee and numerous varieties you might want to try. 



But what types of drinks are the most popular among Austrians? We recommend trying these amazing caffeine beverages:

  • Melange – a drink similar to a traditional cappuccino with a half foamed milk;
  • Einspanner – fantastic coffee topped with whipped cream;
  • Verlängerter – an americano you’ve got used to but with special Viennese features.

Not only will Austria amaze you with a whopping number of coffee drinks, but it also welcomes tourists with unforgettable architecture, museums, monuments, and parks. 



Paris has been a city of dreams for millions of people worldwide. If you are one of them, it’s time to visit the capital of France and enjoy its unique atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that according to the recent data, French people consume the highest number of coffee per person in Europe. Therefore, Paris might become a perfect place to visit for any caffeine addict. 

What about sitting in a cozy cafe near the Eiffel Tower with a cup of aroma coffee? This is what many French people love to do in their free time. You can relax, watch amazing Parisian views, and forget about all your worries.

By the way, many locals prefer drinking coffee from bowls. Although it might sound a bit unusual, this way of consuming caffeine beverages is very convenient. Don’t forget to buy a crunchy croissant to compliment your cup of coffee. 


What European countries should true coffee lovers visit?


Italians are known to be exceptional coffee lovers. However, they are not likely to sip their drinks for hours. Most locals prefer buying coffee-to-go and are fond of having shots. Italian coffee is usually strong; it will make you feel more energy for a longer time. 

If you are choosing the best city to visit in Italy, Rome might become a perfect option. It is a place with incredible architecture, monuments, and dozens of historic places. Moreover, Italians are very friendly and welcoming. You might have a nice talk with the cafe owner when having a cup of coffee, communicate with dozens of people around, and make many new friends. 

Furthermore, the city center has countless cafes and restaurants where you can try various types of caffeine beverages for any taste and need. If you walk around Pantheon, you will discover a few of the oldest cafes in Rome that still attract numerous tourists. For those travelers, who prefer modern solutions, Piazza Madonna Dei Monti is the most fitting option. You will find crowds of coffee lovers there. Rome is one of the brilliant places you’ll never forget.On the other hand, if you want to enjoy Tuscany’s magnificent landscapes, their rich culture, and try the famous Tuscan coffee, you should consider booking one of the villa rentals in Tuscany Italy to have a nice and luxurious stay. 


So, what European countries should true coffee lovers visit?

The answer is that there are many other countries that have an outstanding coffee culture. These are Turkey, Finland, Spain, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Iceland. Feel free to choose a destination that sounds the most inspiring for you, and have an excellent journey!



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