What gadget would destress/revolutionize my life?

The folks at confused .com are running a little competition for bloggers to see what gadget we think would most destress our life. (Here is a link to the competition page if you want to find out more.)

Oh I know the answer to that. It’s nothing too modern or fancy really its just being glued to the spot is a huge problem for me and this gadget would set me free!

I get a bit SAD in the winter and being stuck working in a dull corner doesn’t help,

blog idea

I write for a living. I write my blogs and the occasional book and I do it all sat in the kitchen facing a dark wall in a tiny corner. I only have a PC you see and it limits me a great deal.

The reason I write (I used to be a social worker) is so that I can take the kids to school, pick them up and generally be with them as much as possible. Even in the holidays I have no childcare so I am often up writing at 5.30 am or finishing off at midnight. I don’t mind this at all, it works for me and I think I get the best of both world BUT…..facing that wall gets me down quite badly. The pc won’t fir anywhere else so I am stuck really. My back is to everyone and there is no natural light.

Sometimes I would like to sit in the lounge with a laptop on my knee finsihing off whilst rleaxing a little.

Sometime I would like to write in the playroom looking out the windows into the sunlit garden or whilst the kids play on the floor nearby. Sometime I just want to leave my house and stop facing THAT wall and sit at a blogging friends house and work or the local cafe just so I see other people not the wall.

I need more daylight variety , more company and when when I cant be playing with them I do want to be alongside the kids as they play or do their homework. A laptop would also mean whilst they have swimminglessons or ballet I could sit and do some workrather than having to work so very early each day. It really would help.

I don’t need anything fancy but a laptap would change my world hugely and stop me feeling quite so trapped and a lot happier.  Ooh you never know (I’ll let you know if I win :))



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  1. Julie Deberry
    June 14, 2013 / 02:44

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