What is a TV Bed?

So, what is a TV bed? For those of us that don’t have a TV bed – how it works, what it is and the benefits of it can all seem a little mysterious. I will set out to answer these questions and tell you why I think we should all have a TV bed.

What is a TV Bed?

What is a TV bed?

Actually, the concept of a TV Bed is a brilliantly simple design mechanism where a TV is stored at the end of your bed and at a push of a button pops up to be used and slides away when you are done.


How a TV bed works

When you buy a TV Bed they usually come without the TV  but with everything in place for you to slot a TV in. They have rising mounts which are powered by simple buttons and power cables which can easily be hidden.


Safety features on TV beds

The Alpha Manual TV Bed has a unique power off safety system situated in the footboard to power your TV, which in turn, cuts off the voltage to the TV when lowered, for safety and to save power. This makes it just perfect for a kids room. It is one of the best-selling TV beds and the most popular TV bed of 2017.


The wide range of TV beds

TV beds come in all sorts of styles and designs and a huge range are available from single beds to king sized. Some come with DVD’s attached for late night movie watching. Some come stored in ottamon sized cabinets so there is room to store DVD’s, controllers etc.


The perks and benefits of a TV bed

A TV bed has many perks

It stops your bedroom looking like a den or living room because the TV is hidden away.

It is ideal for people who love to stay snug in bed and like the convenience and cool gadgets.

It is a perfect space saver for those who have a small bedroom

It is great for minimalists who like their bedroom to look clutter-free.


So hopefully his post has answered the question what is a TV bed? What do you think is this something that would ywork for you and your home?



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