What is a Zero Interest Credit Card? #AD

What is a zero interest credit card – have you ever wondered?

Jargon and finance seem to go hand in hand don’t they? I really think it is is very important to demystify it.  Making decisions about finances needs to be done with absolute clarity so it is vital to clearly understand what terminology means.

I have seen people get so stressed out by the jargon of finance they avoid reading up or investigating the options open to them.  That’s a real shame.

 On other occasions I have seen people leap into something without in-depth understanding because on the surface it looks so good. 

In the case of a 0% credit card you might just see the zero  and think … brilliant no interest! and go charging ahead.

Just pause, take a moment and get to grips with what a 0% credit card actually is rather than just seeing the headlines!

I want to help you have a much clearer understanding of what you are gaining with a  zero interest credit card.


Take the time to understand

Emotionally and practically our finances have a huge impact on our lives and we need to always be sensible and educated where they are concerned.

You need good understanding of anything to do with your money or you could EASILY and unknowingly get yourself into a mess.  I know so many people who have had their health and relationships adversely affected because of their financial situation. 

Being savvy about your money matters.

If you have been wondering what is 0% credit card I am really hoping this infographic makes things MUCH clearer for you.



What is a Zero Interest Credit Card?


How I would use a zero interest credit card

I would use a zero interest credit card to pay for  holidays or a new sofa or perhaps a small car –  big ticket items that I would struggle to pay off all at once but know I could afford regular repayments for, without interest being added. I would, of course, make sure I could pay it off in the interest free repayment period so as not to be stung with high interest fees. 

Can you think of something you might use it for?


Clearer now?

Now you are clearer about what a O% credit card is your next concern might be about which one to get. Let me tell you about the rather fabulous  HSBC Purchase Credit Card It combines both the 0% interest periods on purchases and balance transfers (balance transfer fees apply) and their are 4 different options with different perks so you will be able to find the one that works best for you. 


Be smart 

It is of course essential to be aware of the different types of cards and offers before embracing a new card and actually the details really do matter. Zero interest credits cards can be absolutely fantastic but as with all lines of credit do remember this:  you WILL be paying back what you owe – so do most definitely make sure you can afford  to do so.

Do pop on over  to HSBC’s credit card content hub where you can find further information on related topics.


Further reading

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