What is ATE Insurance and when you might need it

Have you heard of ATE Insurance?

Perhaps like me, you have heard of it but are not quite sure what it is?

Well, I have been reading up a bit about it,  let me explain.

ATE stands for after the event. …so ATE insurance is essentially after the event insurance.

What is ATE Insurance


ATE insurance is taken out after an accident or event has taken place, but normally before any significant legal costs have been incurred. Usually ATE Insurance policies are taken out at the point at which a solicitor begins a claim. An after the event (ATE) insurance policy will cover you if you have to pay your opponent’s costs and your solicitor’s fees as a result of you bringing a legal action.

A solicitor will often advise you to take this out.

At Palladium Insurance there is a range of bespoke After The Event insurance policies on offer because one size definitely odes not fit all when it comes to situations like these. Insurance advisors/brokers will guide you in taking out the right policy for your situation.

How it helps…

After the Event insurance is only paid for if your case is won with the premium usually being taken out of your final compensation fee if you are the claimant. If you happen to lose your case, you do not pay for anything as any costs are covered by the policy itself. This is called a contingent insurance premium.

This is vital to cover you in case you do not win the case as you may find legal costs are HUGE and at a time of distress you are also potentially very out of pocket or even in debt you cannot afford

So what might this refer too? Well, it could be that you need ATE insurance  in relation to:

  • Holiday Sickness
  • A road traffic accident
  • Industrial disease
  • Personal Injury
  • Financial Mis-selling
  • An issue with a landlord or tenant

and actually, the list could go on.

When times are hard knowing ATE insurance is available to you could bring real peace of mind and some much needed financial security.

Do you have experience of needing ATE insurance? If so I would love to hear your stories.





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