What is Britian’s favourite things to do in summer?

Today – What is Britian’s favourite things to do in summer?


What is Britian's favourite things to do in summer?


What is Britain’s favourite things to do in summer?

Nope, the answer is not – moan about the rubbish weather.  It is actually to have a picnic.

Aw, we all love a picnic, don’t we?


Why we love picnics

A new study has revealed that almost two thirds of Brits said a picnic is one of their favourite things to do.

The research by independent convenience retailer Nisa found 83% of Brits said it bought back happy memories. And for 8 out of 10 respondents heading for the great outdoors to enjoy a picnic represents a great British tradition.

I can so relate to that.  I have had some fabulous picnics in my time..on boats, up hills, on parks, with games, romantic picnics, and so on. Delicious memories.

Other reasons why picnics are so loved include spending quality time with family and friends followed by the novelty of eating al fresco and of course the lovely scenery and surroundings in which we picnic.

We have so many reasons to love picnics.


But isn’t a picnic a bit old fashioned?

No, no and no!

Only 1 in 10 of research respondents saw picnics as a thing of the past. In my opinion it is and always will be, a lovely way to spend a summers day.


Britain’s favourite picnic foods

(I don’t think you will be surpsised by these at all,  they are very traditional!)

1.       Sandwiches 32%

2.       Pork pies 11%

3.       Sausage rolls 8%

4.       Scotch eggs 7%

5.       Cold meats 6%

6.       Crisps/snacks Salads 5%

7.       Seafood 5%

8.       Salad 5% – Have a look here for some lovely picnic salad ideas

9.       Spicy snacks (bhajis, pakoras, samosas) 4%

10.   Pasta 3%


A family-friendly thing to do

9 out of 10 people asked, felt picnics were one of the only activities the whole family can enjoy together. Going on a picnic brings back happy childhood memories for 86% of 18-24 year olds and

And it is spending quality time with family and friends that make picnics so enjoyable for most (32%), followed by the novelty of eating al fresco for over a quarter (27%) with the scenery and surroundings proving popular with 12%.

Families see picnics as being an essential way to keep spending down on a family trip with food and drink being so expensive at many visitor attractions. It is a perfect family budgeting activity especially if you take along some games too,.


Where should we go for a perfect picnic?

The research reveals when it comes to favourite spots, a quarter (24%) pick a perfect spot by a river or lake. But for 20% of Brits the beach is where it’s at followed by the local park (15%) or beauty spot (11%). Some liked to do it in their garden!

A cheeky 24% confessed to having bought pre-made food on a picnic and passing it off as homemade. 13% of picnickers confessed to leaving their rubbish and leftovers behind.


More picnics, please

The research identified that 73% of people would go on picnics more regularly. A diehard third (30%) would picnic whatever the weather and 35% are proud owners of a traditional picnic basket with all the kit.

How very fabulous!

Do you have a picnic basket?


Picnic ♥

Commenting on the research, Alex Rimmer of Nisa, said

“Our research highlights that Brits love nothing more than packing up a picnic and heading for the great outdoors. And for many it’s the perfect way to enjoy the company of family and friends, spending time together and making memories in beautiful surroundings.

I could not agree more!

What about you, are you a picnic lover?



beautiful picnic


More lovely picnic food ideas

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I do hope you have enjoyed this post on What is Britain’s favourite things to do in summer?


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