What is the perfect family sofa and chairs?

When you have children you have to start thinking a little differently in regards to how you decorate your home. White is a definite no-no as nothing will stay pristine, crisp and clean for more than five minutes. You also need to think about getting rid of hard angles and sharp corners as children can easily hurt themselves when running clumsily around the home. Lots of expensive ornaments, side lamps and low-level photographs should also go and always use adhesive to attach loose rugs to the floor – children like to run around the house and a loose rug can result in a game of tag ending in tears.

More specifically, if you are investing in a new family sofa and chairs you need to think practically about the needs of your children and yours as parents, both now and in the future. You want the sofa and chairs to last, so they need to be hardwearing but they also need to be suitable for your needs now and in a few years’ time if you really want value for money. A sofa and chairs from Laura Ashley could fit the bill, however, it has many sofa and chair designs so you need to pick the right one for you and your family, but here are our top picks.

A great all-round choice is the Alston two-seater with loose cushions (pictured). This is a relaxed, classic sofa that will never look out of place in a family living room. The scatter back cushions can be arranged in any way you like and the covers can easily be removed for cleaning. The hardwood frame and feather filled cushions will last several years if treated well. You can choose the fabric with which the sofa is upholstered, and we suggest a dark colour, perhaps with a slight pattern; dark colours don’t get so dirty and if a stain does appear the pattern should make itless noticeable. Get stain removal tips from housetohome.co.uk. And make the sofa yours with stylish cushion covers.’



Corner sofas and a great way of filling a smaller space with more seating plus they bring you and your family closer together. Furthermore, you don’t need to buy separate arm chairs so tend to offer better value for money. The Newman Corner Unit is ideal. Once again the frame is made from hardwood so it will last the test of time, but the cushions are fibre filled which is better for children with allergies. You can choose from more than 100 Laura Ashley fabrics so remember to go dark and patterned if you really want your sofa to grow old with your family.




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  3. April 10, 2012 / 08:07

    We’re still enjoying our old leather sofa (bright red) …. which we bought when we got married (nearly a decade ago). I’m a great fan of wipe down surfaces with the kids around.

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    May 23, 2012 / 23:44

    Nice one! I will share some of your ideas and info to my colleagues… hope it’s fine! =)

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