What is your office look? #MyChairStyle

What is your office look?

I used to work in a super stylish office and it made me feel dynamic, capable and inspired. My current set up really doesn’t do a great deal for me (at all!)

My at home office is really a bit dull. I have a white (seen better days) desk that is actually a tad too small for my needs. I also have a (used to be) white, scuffed, hard, boring and uncomfortable chair.

Oh dear.

It has no style.

It could all really do with jazzing up.

It totally does not need to be as dull as it currently is. I need to find some style in my office!


What is your office look?

I think I need to start with the chair because well it absolutely is so important to be comfortable with your desk chair isn’t it? And there really are some super stylish options out there. You can even get a celebrity edge with your office chair! How about creating Taylor Swift’s mesh look or Victoria Beckham’s red leather jacket outfit?

Take a peek at this brilliant infographic from  Furniture At Work


What is your office look


I am a pretty neutral kind of person and my home office is teeny tiny so maybe the Clayton is for us? I do think the mesh looks very comfy though – love the look of the top headrest, doesn’t it look supportive? I like to think I have the Taylor Swift take absolutely no-nonsense vibe in my business life ( I am afraid my work vibe and approach is probably more Walter the Softy) but I can fake it till I make it right?

I do think our environment and especially our furniture really does impact on how we feel and how well we work don’t you?

I would love to know about your work set up as I am always looking for inspiration. Currently, sitting in the corner of a kitchen, facing a wall, typing away at my PC on my tiny desk and my uncomfy chair  I am not feeling very inspired at all.

It is most definitely time for a change of scene in my home office.

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