What office items use up the most energy

Do you know what office items use up the most energy?

It really is worth finding out about because once we know – we can use these items more efficiently and work at reducing our bills and energy use can’t we? I have been over at Utility Bidder reading all about this and I have some top tips to share with you today.


What office items use up the most energy?

Whether you have a home office or an actually at work office then saving energy will be an issue to address. not only does this save money it also reduces the impact on the environment and those of these issues are big everyday concerns.

So what is are the biggest energy drains and what can we do? It’s certainly eye-opening. take a look at the infographic below.


What office items use up the most energy



  • Air conditioners are one of the biggest culprits and use huge amounts f energy 9 and cost a fortune to run too)  you could try – wearing a t-shirt, opening doors and windows and using a fan instead? The annual cost to run air conditioning is over £1400 and a desk fan under £20. Leaving a window open costs £0. It makes sense to really think about this one. HUGE savings.
  • A server runs at 1,000 watts, costing up to £1,095 each year this sounds fortune doesn’t it,  but of course, a server does run all day and there is not much you can do about this. You can, however, adopt conservative practices with other equipment in your office that uses up energy like computers which can be put in in the hibernation or sleep mode when not being used.
  • It’s the little things like using LED light bulbs, sealing windows to keep in warmth, turning off light switches and kettles that can add up too
  • Another key point is to get all staff involved in being energy efficient to increase the impact!



Awareness and small adjustments can make such a big difference to energy use.


What office items use up the most energy? is a collaborative post you might also like my post on the benefits of garden offices


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