What shall I get dad for Christmas?

What shall I get dad for Christmas is a question I grew up asking. Apart from cigars and ‘good whiskey’ my dad could never think if anything he wanted for Christmas , birthdays or any time really. He wasn’t a materialistic man and he had simple needs. My husband is just the same and he never knows what to get his dad either.

What shall I  get dad for Christmas?  is a question asked year in year out round our way.

It makes me laugh when I look in magazines. Christmas ideas for her pages will go on and on and there is often just a single page dedicated to ‘Christmas treats for him.’


I need some good ideas.

Over at Treat Republic I have found some gorgeous and slightly quirky ideasfor dads for Christmas.

Here are my top  5….

1.  Wooden cufflinks

Rectangle Wooden Cufflinks

I think these are classy and unusual

2. Folding Garden Trug

Folding Garden Trug, what shall i get dad for christmas

A perfect gift for any gardener (or bloke that likes to carry his beer around!)

3. Personalised couples set of two wooden keyrings

Personalised Couples Set of Two Wooden Keyrings

I adore these ( not so sure if he wouldn’t think they were a little too cute though!)

4. A carbon fibre pen

Carbon Fibre "Mightier Than The Sword" Pen

these are the kind of pens frequently used by the military and aerospace one for the man who has everything!

5. I rather love this slate keepsake and think the sentiment is beautiful

Takes a Real Man to be Daddy Slate Keepsake

My dad would have loved it and i am rather thinking my kids would like to give this to their daddy. It cost £12.99 which for something perosnalised and classy looking is great value.

I think its all too easy to but a bottle of wine for dads but I do think they like a little gift from the heart too.




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