What to give a man who’s just turned 50


For any man in your life who has reached 50 – be it your husband, brother, father, uncle, or friend – this is a very special age which most certainly requires a special gift. After reaching half a century, you might have run out of gift ideas at this point, but don’t worry! There are always plenty of fantastic possibilities that one can give a man of 50, and none of these are socks, whisky, or ties!

Helicopter flight over a city

This person may well know their home city like the back of their hand, but have they ever seen it from a birds-eye-view? Taking a helicopter flight over a city is a wonderful experience that is hard to replicate. You get to see the city in a whole new light and learn facts that may have been hidden. Apart from the views, the joy of flying in a helicopter is something that many men find exhilarating, so that should be reason enough to get a ticket on a chopper. Most major cities across the world have an option for flying with a helicopter, but this one in London is a worthwhile opportunity.

Quality digital camera

Stop him taking blurry and wonky photos with smartphones! A proper digital SLR camera gives you a major upgrade for quality pics of the family and nature. Taking this camera on hikes and holidays means that he is more “in the zone” when it comes to taking photos, rather than holding out a smartphone and hoping for the best. Check these digital SLR cameras for beginners and find one in you think he’ll love.

Luxury watch

After 50 years of buying cheap and cheerful watches, it might be the time for him to upgrade to a quality, Swiss-made watch. These are built to last several lifetimes and are often passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. A luxury watch means a lot to whoever owns one, as they are beautifully made and will never be out of sync. Picking a brand can be quite tough, as there are so many respectable Swiss brands out there like Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Tissot, IWC, and so on! A brand that’s slightly less well-known but still has remarkable craftsmanship is Jaeger-LeCoultre. These come in a lot of great designs, so there aviator watches and dress watches to suit all tastes. Find one a bit cheaper at Chrono24.

Amazon Echo

Nothing brings a man into the 21st century like a smart speaker. Amazon Echo, which is powered by the virtual assistant named Alexa, will be a fun and useful way to manage his day to day tasks. The voice-controlled gadget can give audio updates on everything from news, weather, shopping lists, useful facts and trivia, as well as playing music from iTunes and Spotify. It’s a great gift that means less time spent on phones, laptops, and tablets, as he can just ask Alexa to help out!



Memory book

Finally, here’s a gift that tries a bit harder. A DIY memory scrapbook filled with old photos and ticket stubs will be a wonderful trip down memory lane for the 50-year-old man in your life. It’s hard not to get emotional while reflecting at the great times you’ve had with this person, as an entire family can contribute to the memory book with photos of his childhood and early life, if you have them to hand. Boots and many other photo printing stores provide options like this, so once you’ve gathered all the images, you could scan them all and upload them digitally and then print out the book.


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