What to Look for When Searching for an Electrician

Do you know what to look for when searching for an electrician?


What to look for when searching for an electrician


What to look for when searching for an electrician- top tips

Have you any idea what to look for when searching for an electrician?

We can need an electrician for a myriad of reasons but until we need one it is not often an area we give much thought to is it?

I find it is the same with all areas like this to do with the home, decorating, plumbing and general repairs.I never give them any thought until I am in a bit of pickle!

Having a good electrician to call on makes life so much easier. It is super smart to have a number of ones you trust on standby in case you need them.

Whether you need your home re-wiring or lighting set up, power points being added to or even  CCTV installation an electrician is what you are after. Maybe you need a fire alarm installing or, you need to find where the fault lies in your current electrical set up. Perhaps you are in need of security lighting or electrical certificates for a house sale or insurance. There are so many reasons we might need electricians aren’t there!

So what do we need to look for in an electrician? There are a few things that you really must check out prior to hiring someone.

Qualified, Registered and Insured are all absolutely essential requirements and you will want to see proof of that. Do ask for proof  – it is completely within your rights to do so and an electrician that meets all these requirements really will not mind.  Do have a good look at any trust pilot reviews too, you will want to see what other people think of the electrician you choose before you employ them.

The pricing structure is important too, you want to take on an electrician who is transparent and upfront about her/his costs so you know absolutely what you are getting into. The last thing anyone ever needs is to be presented with a bill completely out of the region they were expecting!


Where to find a good electrician?

Knowing where to find a good electrician is worth its weight in gold. If you are looking for an  Electrician London wide then Lola Electrical supply qualified electrician across the city who all comply with current legislation Their whole business has largely been built on word of mouth so you just know it must be good. I always think other people are the best recommendation a business can have, do you?

So my advice would be to ask around for recommendations and check out reviews. Doing your research before you hire any professional is absolutely worth the time you put into it. You want a job to be well done the very first time and you want workers you can absolutely rely on. It makes all the difference to your peace of mind.


I do hope you have enjoyed reading this post on what to look for when searching for an electrician and found it to be useful.


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