What to Pack for a Cruise

Are you wondering what to pack for a cruise?

Oh to be in that situation is rather delightful isn’t it?

We are planning a cruise in 2022.

We have spent the last 2 years going NOWHERE and I absolutely need something properly exciting to look forward to. I’ve never cruised before though so I felt a bit flummoxed about what I need but I have been doing my research ( okay I asked my Facebook friends who had been on a cruise)  

I have been checking out the cruises at Ambassador Cruise Line and I have to tell you they really do look completely amazing.  I fancy one of their winter escapes especially the Canaries Madeira and Morocco winter sun trip.


What to Pack for a Cruise


How good does this sound? 

‘Leave the winter blues behind as you sail south across azure seas to the warmth and charm of Europe’s furthest fringes – and beyond. Along the way, you’ll experience bustling harbours, exotic shops and charming hillside valleys in Madeira and the subtropical Canary Islands before we take you to fabled Casablanca in Morocco, where you’ll discover a hidden world of imposing mosques and lively street bazaars.’

 I’d just be in heaven!

 So I really do need to know what to pack right?



What to Pack for a Cruise


What to Pack for a Cruise

  • Hand sanitiser (I take it absolutely everywhere at the moment and being on a cruise with a thousand other people? I’ll be hand sanitizing still)
  • Mini toiletries – I just absolutely love mini toiletries ,they are the height of cuteness and cruise cabins are compact so anything mini would be fab.
  • Binoculars. There would be so much to see and I would want close ups of all those lovely birds, other boats and islands in the distance.
  • A great camera – my iPhone might not cut it to take brilliant photos from the sea, especially if we get lucky and see dolphins. I would definitely want a good camera with me.
  • Sunblock. Oh yes, I am expecting to soak up some rays on my cruise but I do not want to get burnt. Ditto sunhat and sunglasses!
  • Clothes for every scenario. It can, of course get chilly at night even when the sun shines all day and you are pretty exposed on a sundeck!
  • A posh, dressy outfit for the evening – maybe 2! I have fantasies of  sitting at the captains table and maybe checking out a cruise casino too – now doesn’t that sound fun?
  • Gym and swim clothes because all the best cruises have a gym. spa and swimming pool for ultimate relaxation
  • Elastic waisited clothes! I hear the food is so good that most people put on about 7lb on a cruise. Wow – I juts love eating well on holiday!
  • Ear plugs and sea sickness bands. I want to make sure i sleep well at night and that I also don’t get sick. Maybe I won’t but it is best to be prepared I think!


Can you think of anything I have missed off this list of what to pack for a cruise?

If you can do drop me a comment below with your top tips please.


What to Pack for a Cruise is a collaborative post 


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