What to Put on a Christmas Wish List in 2022

Do you have a Christmas wish list, or did you stop making them once you grew up?

 I like to declare myself eternally young and as such my Christmas wish list continues to be a ‘thing’ and probably always will be.  I think it is a useful way to clarify what you want and to give others’ ideas too. Wish lists help avoid both waste of time money and effort and disappointment. It is efficient to make a wish list. I know I am unlikely to get everything on it, but it is always fun to put together and you never know, you might get lucky.


My Christmas wish list 2022

So, would you like to hear some of the ideas I have put on my Christmas list this year? They may inspire you if you are not sure what to ask for. 



Always on the look out for offers I have been browsing the perfume sale at Notino.

I really like the look of the Carolina Herrera Good Girl not only is the bottle super cool – (I’d be so delighted to have this on my dressing table.) It also sounds like it has the most delicious scent too.

‘From the opening notes, you’ll slowly become addicted to the aroma of almond which opens this amazing composition. After a while, rare tuberose takes over in a confident, bold stride, giving the fragrance a deeper, more seductive quality. The perfect sensory experience is then concluded with warm tonka bean and essence of cocoa.’

Just yummy!

I love a new scent and this one looks right up my street. 





Book are absolutely always on my wish list. I love all kinds of books from cookbooks to gardening books, murder mysteries to rom coms. You can never ever have enough books. I love to pass them on too when I have finished with them and brighten up someone else’s day in the process. 



Flowers and plants

Again, these make a Christmas wish list staple for me as I love them SO much. I have no exact specifications I appreciate them all and a bit of greenery is guaranteed to make me smile. Inside or out, I am definitely not fussy, but a winter jasmine will always steal my heart. 


Biscuits please!

I adore biscuits the more the merrier, but I have one important stipulation. I like my biscuits to be homemade. I relish thinking that someone has took the time and the energy to bake for me and don’t they always taste just so much better homemade? I like a choc chip cookie or 10 and I also really like shortbread.


So there you go, just a brief look at some of my Christmas wishes. Not too much to ask for is it?


Over to you

Do you think you might have a go at creating a Christmas wish list in the future or maybe you have done one this year? Do drop me a comment and let me know.




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