What Were the Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2017?

Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2017

Last year was a time of embracing change in terms of home décor with some of the trends and ideas lasting well into 2018. So what was hot last year?

Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2017



It is a trend that took a grip last year and one that many of us are still enjoying – large print tropical leaves are ideal for adding interest to a wall, a great alternative for when tropical print wallpaper is just too much.


Untreated and completely naked, the bare brick wall is perfect as part of an industrial style backdrop. Alongside key items of furniture such as Sloane and Sons’ tub chairs, you have the perfect foil to an overly contrived interior design style.


A style that is sometimes confused as being old-fashioned, the vintage look is more about soft shades and pastel mixed with metallic finishes that aren’t too ostentatious. The result was a calming style that was perfect in a year that was full of turmoil.


Showing no signs of falling out of favour just yet, investing in a map or two as wall art was a trend that started in 2017. From canvas world map prints to maps of specific areas that mean a lot to you, a map adorning your wall is surely a timeless addition.


For years, we have been accustomed to tech being separate from furniture although, in the early decades of the 20th century, we saw TVs as part of built-in units and radios too. It was a trend that didn’t catch on. But 2017 saw us revisit the idea of combining tech with furniture. Although some of us opted for it, it is yet to become mainstream. With 2018 see the trend die away or stay around a little longer?


It was a material used a lot in the past and 217 saw its re-emergence as the flooring material to opt for. Light in tone, the patina of a natural terracotta floors develops over time, perfect if you want a long-lasting, robust flooring solution.


It wasn’t an invention of 2017, but the geometric pattern was certainly a hot favourite, welcome news for those of us who are unsure about chintz and flowers. The hexagon shape was popular, with the honeycomb patterning a popular trend that will continue throughout 2018 and beyond.


For a long time, we have relied on the convenience of shop-bought, flat-packed furniture. Whilst it gave us predictable results, 2017 saw many customers look beyond the limit range of high street retailers. Not so much designer but made to measure, customisable furniture became the welcome trend of 2017. And one that is set to continue.


It may be a trend we look back on in decades to come and think ‘why?’, but for now, it seems that we are all happy to enjoy the upholstered headboard trends for the time being. The colours are stunning, the velvet material plush and luxurious and frankly, we need that in the bedroom.


It can be a tricky colour to work with but 2017 saw us finally embrace the colour blue, allowing its fresh appeal to revitalise many a room in the home. It may be from the cool side of the colour range but the freshness of its appeal, especially the lighter shades, was finally embraced.


It is a design trend we seem to have been talking about for years and yet last year was the first time we started to fall back in love with houseplants. Millennials are falling in love with houseplants, a chance say some, to fill a hole in their hearts, with something to nurture without the responsibility of a pet.


2017 was also the year we cemented our relationship with reclaimed wood. It is an integral part of the industrial style and we remained happy to welcome the sheer beauty of reclaimed wood furniture into our homes.


Brass becomes the new chrome, we many of us ditching the silvery finish in 2017 for something a little more golden. From brass taps to brass finishes frames and mirrors, it worked well in many homes. It seems we are reluctant to let it go just yet, with many of us sticking with brass during 2018.


It was a shade that was just beginning to muscle in on 2017 and one that could see us through this year and beyond. Colour shades were bright but slightly muddier, removing the bright neon hue. Think mustard yellow and you have the right idea.



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  1. September 11, 2018 / 03:00

    Oh how I love geometric wall patterns! I don’t know but we’re nearing the last quarter of 2018 but I still find it so trendy and so cool. Maybe it’s just the minimalist side of me 🙂 Anyways, thanks for sharing these ideas!

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