What you need in a family car

I have been having a think about what you need from a family car and sadly I have concluded my little Punto is not delivering.

Here is my ‘must have’ list when it comes to getting a replacement family car:

  • A boot big enough for 2 scooters, loads of clothes, self catering food,  tent, toys etc.

Exterior Photo of 2013 Honda CR-V

  • A roof rack to carry our bikes.

  • More horse power less fuel needs (to save me money down the line)
  • Big bold brake lights to keep my little family safe

Exterior Photo of 2013 Honda CR-V

  • A really classy looking car just because I’m a tiny bit of a diva and the punto didn’t rock my image

Exterior Photo of 2013 Honda CR-V

  • I also want really easy fold down seats so we can fit BIG things in like a car boot table and all our stuff or the chest of drawers we just bought off eBay.
  • I want to able able to seat 5 really comfortably so its not a squash and a squeeze
  • I also really wouldn’t mind the built in sat nav or the rear DVD screens or heated seats you get with this car but can’t really class them as essential!

The 2013 Honda CR-V  (from 22k) really does meet  all my family needs; it is one big, safe, secure, sturdy, well equipped family car, I ‘d like the red one please.

I can’t tell you about engines I know nothing about engines. I  have only ever had one car! But it looks fab!

(Check out this video to see why I love it )

Just what you need in a family car.


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