Where I go when I have some spare time.

I have a funny old  job working from home and writing. It can be a little bit lonely sometimes. Sometimes I work late into the night as commissions come in and sometimes my spare time comes duirng the day. Most of my friends work full time out of the home.

My dad had a funny job like me where his pockets of time would come in the daytime but he always had a group of friends down at Ladbrokes and at bingo my granny knew she would always have someone to natter to, no matter what time of day she went. I don’t have such communities out and about near me.

I quizzed Granny once about Bingo and what she loved most about it and she told me it was all that chattering that went on. She and her friends would gossip about their fellas, their kids, their neighbours, the price of milk and the handsome bingo caller. It’s my club, she explained, it’s where my friends are and you never know what might happen. I think dad felt the same about the bookies! I called bingo for a while as a job in an older persons day care unit. I had to constantly repeat myself because they would all be gossiping so much whilst I was calling!

Photo credit: Ann Varak

What I do have  is a few little groups of friends on facebook and on twitter who do similar work to me and who are there for a quick natter in the daytime when I fancy one. We talk about our husbands too and our kids, our work , the TV and we occasionally arrange to meet up in real life too.  It’s always good to talk and to have a break.  I suppose it’s like a quick nip to the pub except I have a cup of tea as I natter instead. Working men’s clubs and bingo halls, bookies and cafes, online social groups and the garden fence…all community gathering spots for ladies and gents who can’t afford the old boys club or to do long lunches!





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