Where Should You Stay When Visiting Santorini?

Today – Where Should You Stay When Visiting Santorini?

Whether you are travelling to Santorini on your honeymoon, for the nightlife or purely for a quick, romantic getaway, then there are different towns perfect for all your needs. The biggest decision when staying in Santorini is whether you’re wanting to stay close to the beach or in the caldera towns. Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani (the towns) are located on the Western edge of the island, on the cliff looking out towards the volcano and the beaches are situated along the Eastern coast of the island.




In this article, I will be giving you a short guide to the top places you should stay in Santorini and why.


Where Should You Stay When Visiting Santorini?

The caldera towns are more tourist based, modern and trendier with better quality restaurants. Clubs seem to be more sophisticated here with a wide range of luxurious villas and hotels. I would strongly recommend you stay in one of the caldera towns as they are the speciality to Santorini with their surreal settings and beautiful views. But there are also many benefits to staying in a beach town, especially if you are travelling as a family and are wanting a kid-friendly vibe.


Due to Oia being the most famous romantic village, if you happen to be travelling with your partner, then I’d strongly advise you to stay in this picturesque town. It has the best villas and hotels and is famous for its beautiful sunset views. With plenty of shops, galleries, and restaurants, you’ll find there is plenty to see and do, however nightlife is limited, with no clubs to speak of and only a few mellow bars and cafes.

The town is extremely busy throughout the day but becomes a lot quieter at night so if you are wanting a more peaceful, quieter vacation then Oia would be the perfect option. Due to cheap taxi and bus services if you happen to want to travel outside of the town, maybe for the nightlife in Fira (the busiest town) or to visit a beach town then the option is there and the travelling time isn’t long at all.

A company that understands the importance of a private and romantic getaway is Blue Villas, they have a large collection of villas all over Santorini but I think the ones located in Oia are hands down the most beautiful and reasonably priced for saying how expensive Oia can be. They are situated in locations with perfect views and you have your own private swimming pool that can be excessed all day and night unlike hotel pools. They are an award-winning company with services unlike any other that cover literally everything for you from having your own private chefs to massage therapists and beauty services. Their Santorini villas can be viewed here: http://www.bluevillascollection.com/santorini


Fira is the capital of the island and of course has the islands largest town. If you are wanting a busy vacation full of things to do than Fira will be perfect for you as it has the most shops, restaurants and is the centre of Santorini’s nightlife. If peace and solitude is something you are wanting from your holiday then this will not be the best choice especially if you are staying close to the main street as this town is always buzzing with energy. Night clubs and bars scatter this town, so it would be the perfect place to vacate to party if you’re on a lad’s holiday or a hen/stag do.


For peace and solitude many visitors vacate to the small village of Imerovigli as it is Santorini’s quietest town with the best views of the caldera and sunsets generally due to higher elevation. The dining scene is limited in comparison to the other towns and nightlife is practically non-existent, so if you are wanting a more secluded, private holiday where tranquillity surrounds you rather than noisy children and tourists, Imerovigli would be the perfect option for you.


The coastal village of Kamari is a well-known beach town, that has a great kid-friendly vibe and is a lot less expensive in comparison to many of the towns on the Western edge of the island. It features ruins that are typical of Greek islands and boasts unusual attractions like open-air cinemas. Littered with black pebble shores, Kamari is primarily aimed at the UK and European holiday industry so you can expect to converse with many English speakers. You’ll find lots of really good family friendly Greek restaurants and traditional family run tavernas. Kamari is a lively town with plenty of things to do whilst there so it would be a perfect vacation if you happen to be taking your children on holiday.

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  1. September 12, 2017 / 19:48

    I wish I would have known this before going to Santorini in 2010 🙂 We loved the island but pretty much picked a hotel just based on TripAdvisor reviews, without regard to the location. I can definitely say that Santorini is magical and worth visiting!

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