Where to buy Cheap Converse

Where to buy Cheap Converse – something we all want to know!

Oh I do love comfy shoes. I have never been one for heels, not even when I got married. I really like to have my feet planted squarely on the ground. As a busy mum this is more important than ever. Knowing where to buy Cheap Converse is pretty useful!

Converse are a style of shoe I have always loved and at last count I probably had  5 pairs – yikes. They are all old as the hills now though and are showing their wear . I have pink ones, blue ones, glittery ones, red ones and white ones.

I am in the market for something new.

Let me show you some of my finds.

I love these sporty Converse and they also come in white – aren’t they fun? These are £29 reduced from £50.



These are the perfect summer converse and I would wear them with shorts or even a summer dress.

How about these gold metallic Converse?

Where to buy Cheap Converse

I just adore them! I would wear them with leggings and a big jumper to bring in Spring. They would certainly be dazzling. These are currently £56 rather than £80!

I have also seen some lovely and unusual Converse boots which unbelievable are my size at just £19.99 reduced from £60!What an absolute bargain.





Are you a Converse lover?

Are these just too wild? These are also just £19.99 reduced from £60!


To find some brilliant bargains from Converse and a huge range of their shoes and clothing on sale, have a look over at Love the Sales for the Converse sale. You will also find all the shoes featured here.


Which pair would you choose?




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