Where to find free fonts

Today – Where to find free fonts

A love affair with fonts

As a blogger I spend my working life writing. What an absolute joy that is

I just adore writing and have done since I was a very little girl. A pack of felt tips and a ream of paper have always made me very happy. To be honest they still do!

I used to love making up magazines or stories and putting in pictures or swirly fonts to make it all look more interesting. I would get out all my best crayons and think long and hard about how I wanted whatever I had written to look. I used to like bubble writing very swirly lettering with gorgeous and ornate flowers at every edge.  At school, we were taught to write in beautiful calligraphy with fountain pens. To this day I love fountain pens and the amazing marks it can make on paper and how it can make something look so much more romantic/considered.

Nowadays I don’t do a great deal of handwriting as most of my work is on the computer mainly. I do however still love to play around with writing styles and presentation Fonts can make a difference, such a difference to how you read something and how an article looks


Where to find free fonts


Emphasising and decorating your text

For emphasising and decorating photos and fabulous fonts are the answer!  I have some fab free resources to share with you pertaining to this.


Where to find free photos

Photos are wonderful to add into a text. I do love to use my own photographs as they feel so much more personal but I also use Unsplash and Pixabay for free photos and I always include at least one with every blog post I write. I really think it can enhance a piece, break up the page and really add depth to an article.


Where to find free fonts

I do like to make images for Pinterest too and I find using a good font really powerful when it comes to a Pinterest image. If you are looking for a new great font free bundles can be found at   Design Bundles. It is a great resource to use for the font lover! They have a customer base of OVER 1 million users. Isn’t that amazing! At Design Bundles you can browse over 150,000 Marketplace Products and save a lot of money on their Curated Design Bundles with up to 96% off the Regular Retail Price.

I am currently working on a new book idea and we have been playing around with fonts. They really help ideas pop out e.g title or quotes or reflection boxes. They also appeal well to certain audiences and the funkier styles are brilliant for engaging a teen market, whereas a comic style works best for younger kids.

I really could play all day with fonts.

Font fun is actually just a much more grown-up and digital version of one of my favourite childish pastimes – making my handwriting look amazing!

A real perk of the job.


Where to find free fonts is a collaborative  post – you might also like my post on free crafts


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