Where to Sell Your Books – Great Tips for Selling on Your Books

Where to Sell Your Books – let’s take a look at some great options

Have you ever wondered about where to sell your books?


Where to Sell Your Books


Too many books in one small house 

I am a massive reader and I have huge piles of books threatening to topple over in my bedroom. My bookshelves are jam-packed and even the loft has boxes of books in it.

I have donated over 100 of my old books in the past year but actually, I would like to recoup some of the money I spent on at least some of them.


Where to sell your books? – the avenues I have explored

I have tried the usual routes.

I have dabbled with listing my books on Amazon and on eBay in the past. But, to be honest, it is massively time-consuming. And, getting rid of one or two at a time and succumbing to their big fees and the faff of listing and maintaining inventory has not felt worth it.

So back to the original question …where to sell your books?

Here are some of the things I have tried.

Car boot sales are not currently open and realistically you aren’t going to get more than 50p a book at a car boot sale and oh it can be a long and fruitless day with such an early start. I love to BUY books from car boots sales, in fact, I have had some HUGE bargains in the past but selling them? No, thank you.

I have even tried hitting up a second-hand book shop and asking for a deal and they really weren’t interested in my eclectic range of books.

Once I listed a big pile of books on Gumtree and got messed about by people that didn’t turn up or who just wanted a few. Aggghhh – all so very frustrating.


What am I looking for?

I need an easy solution, one that gets rid of lots of books at once and is incredibly easy to use, a smooth and simple experience and a good price with no fuss.


Where to sell your books? Ziffit is a great solution

I think I have found the best solution if you are looking for an easy way to sell books online.

Ziffit allows anyone to trade-in their old books, DVDs, CDs and games in return for cash. 

You can do this via their website or free to use app and then send your unwanted goods using free courier services. Isn’t that cool? I have used Ziffit in the past to sell books and made over £80.

All you need to do is enter your ISBNs on Ziffit.com or scan the barcodes through the Ziffit App for iOS and Android devices. If you are happy with the quotes provided all you do is proceed to the checkout and book in your free collection.

Most importantly it is a speedy solution to sell books online and really straightforward too, as the best budgeting hacks always are.

Download on Google Play  or  Download on the App Store


Where to Sell Your Books

Where to Sell Your Books


Earn an extra 15% at Ziffit with my code

The promo code FAMILYB15 can be entered after you have scanned/entered all of your items. It will enableyou to earn 15% extra on top of the total value of your first trade. It expires on October 29th 2021’


How to donate your books

But what if I want to donate my stuff?

Ziffit saves you all the leg work when it comes to donating your books. You simply scan in your bar codes /ISBN numbers and Ziffit will tell you how much your stuff could be worth to good causes. It really couldn’t be easier. You can choose from one of over 15,000 charities and they can collect your donations from you for FREE with their DPD contact-free collection service if your trade weighs 5kg or more…

What a simple solution. Many charity shops are turning away book donations at the moment, so this is a great alternative way to help out.

So now you know how and where to sell your books, I hope you give it a go.


Where to Sell Your Books

So now you know how and where to sell your books, I hope you give it a go.


Where to Sell Your Books is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to organize your books



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