Which Air Conditioner is Best?

If you are wondering which air conditioner is best I am hopeful that this short post on basic air conditioning units and what they do will be helpful to you.

No one likes to feel that they are in a stuffy environment and sometimes juts opening the windows can pull in the insects or additional humid air. Sometimes their is nothing else for it you need a really great and entirely suited to you air conditioning unit.

But how on earth do we know which air conditioner is best?

The key to figuring out which unit is best is to consider the environment you live in and the space you want to cool. 

ActronAir is Australia’s locally owned air conditioning company who sell products designed to work in Australian conditions. This is what you need – air conditioning entirely suited the the environment you are in. They offer a range of different products depending on how you want your air con to walk.



Which Air Conditioner is Best?

Do you understand the different types of air con available. If not let me given you a little romp through your various options so you can decide which one is best for you and your needs.


Ducted Air Conditioning

With a ducted air con system,  you have great control. You can control which rooms stay cool at any one time and you can also choose a system that  heats as well as cools  – how’s that for a great multi tasker.


Split System Air Conditioning

 A split system is one that is split into an inside unit and an outside unit. It is easy to install , energy efficient and know n for being quiet and unobtrusive.  These are one of the most poular types of air con systems.


Multi split Air Conditioning

A single split system is perfect for cooling a single room or apartment but if you want to have air con in several rooms you will want a multi split system. A multi  can allow up any number of air conditioning heads to be installed throughout your home or commercial space whilst only using the one outdoor unit. Impressive! 


Cassette air conditioning units

These can be used residentially or commercially and are a lovely discrete way to add air con into your desired areas. The unit will sit completely flush to your ceiling and distributes air through two, three or four sides of the unit and sometimes even the corner s too.

These are brilliant space saving solutions too as they do not take up any of your wall space. For me these would be the preferred option as they fit with my more minimalist aesthetic. 


 I hope this whistle stop tour of the various options available makes you choice of air conditioning unit fel a little easier. You can find  out much more in depth details about various system if you hop on over to ActronAir and explore the various products they have available. 


Which Air Conditioner is Best? is a collaborative post 


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